Winter break is here at last!

FINALLY! Winter break is here, and I have a whole eleven days to lounge around, relax, and obviously to read. I’m planning to have a few Doctor Who marathons, maybe throw some Sherlock in there, go see the Hobbit, work a little bit on my novel- all good stuff. After enduring the dreaded Week Before Winter Break, or the WBWB (I totally just made that up, so don’t go around thinking that it’s the new YOLO) it feels so good to know that I have plenty of time to do whatever I want- within reason, of course. Honestly, what is up with teachers assigning so much work the week before vacations? You would think that they would try to tone it down a bit because they know no one is going to focus, but it’s the exact opposite. All of a sudden there are a thousand things that need to get done RIGHT NOW, and NO, THEY CANNOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER BREAK. Really, I don’t understand what their deal is. Is it really necessary to have tests in four different classes on the same day? REALLY? I think not. All that is accomplishing is making me that much closer to having a heart attack before the age of thirty.

And what do you know? Even though it is December 21, 2012, I am still alive! I mean, not to say that something couldn’t happen in the near future, but for the moment here I am! Take that, movie producers!



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