Abraham Lincoln: A History

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Just like the saying goes he was born in a log cabin, and as a child he enjoyed reading. Eventually Lincoln became a lawyer after working as a shopkeeper, a postmaster, and a store owner, among other things. He was elected in 1834 to be part of the Illinois state legislature largely because of his work as captain in the Black Hawk War (1832). After some time Lincoln went on to become the sixteenth president of the United States, during which he became known as Honest Abe and The Great Emancipator. A few of his great achievements include abolishing slavery and keeping the Union together during the Civil War. Lincoln is also well-known for his Emancipation Proclamation and his Gettysburg Address.

On April 14 in 1865, this president was assassinated by a man named John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth was an actor at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, where Lincoln had been watching a performance when he was shot and killed. Today, Abraham Lincoln is remembered in many ways. His face is on the U.S. penny and five-dollar bill, and the Lincoln Memorial stands approximately thirty meters tall in Washington, D.C. Happy Birthday, Honest Abe!

Information was gathered from using the following websites: www.biography.com, and www.whitehouse.gov



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