Thoughts on Disney World

DSCN1874Someone once told me that Disney World was nothing more than a glorified amusement park. You can probably imagine the perplexed expression that was displayed on my face as I stared at them like they were an insane creature with nine eyes, three noses, and fifty-four ears. I couldn’t understand how someone could belittle Disney like that, especially when we grew up surrounded by its characters, songs, and movies. If you live in the USA, you know what I mean. If you are in a room of people and you reference a Disney movie out loud, chances are that the majority of the people in the room will understand what you were referring to. Disney was a large part of my childhood, as it was for many of my peers.

The topic of this post may seem a bit random, so allow me to explain. Earlier this week I came back from a four-day trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I went with my high school’s music department because the orchestra I am in was going to be performing in Downtown Disney. Along with performing we also spent several full days in the parks. We went to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. And even though I was exhausted to the point that I was almost a zombie (I’m not joking- I was really tired!) I was very sad when it came time to board the plane to go home.DSCN1660

I love Disney World for many reasons. The rides are exciting yet they don’t make me vomit, and the cast members are usually always cheerful and very friendly (keyword: usually). The attention to detail throughout the parks is simply amazing- it seems as though they have thought of everything. The architecture is stunning as well. Take Cinderella’s castle in Magic Kingdom for example, or the mountain of Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. When you are in the parks it isn’t difficult to feel as though you are in another world entirely. However, the main reason that I love Disney World is that while you are there you don’t think about what’s going on back home. It’s a break from the stress and chaos of normal, everyday life, which is something that everyone needs once in a while. On this trip I hardly thought about school or grades or annoying drama- I was simply happy. This was not my first time going to Disney World, and it definitely will not be my last.

So to the person who told me that Disney World is nothing but a glorified amusement park, I am sorry that you are not able to find happiness in what is said to be the “happiest place on Earth.” I, for one, love Disney World, and I cannot wait to go back in the future.



P.S. The pictures included in this post were taken during my most recent trip to Disney World.


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