I AM FREE! (my post-AP exam thoughts)

The AP exams. Thousands of American high school students across the country take them each May, and this year I was one of them. This past Thursday morning I took my very first AP exam, which was for my AP World History class. Back in September, when I first started taking the class, I told myself that I was going to be so prepared for the big exam in the spring. I promised myself that I was going to start reviewing the material at least one month in advance, and that I would write one practice essay every week to get used to writing the different essay types that are on the exam. My overall plan was to be extremely prepared for the big exam in May.

Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. Let’s just say that like suddenly became incredibly busy in April, so my dreams of studying ’round the clock vanished pretty quickly. There’s also the fact that my teacher didn’t even teach us all of the material. Don’t get me wrong, he was a very nice guy and he would have been fine teaching another class- just not mine. We got up to around the year 1950, and then we stopped. Now, that might seem like we didn’t miss much, considering the class covers material all the way back to cavemen days until the present day, but a lot of things have happened between 1950 and now. So I had a pretty large disadvantage come test day. However, I have to say that the exam actually wasn’t that bad. I was really worried about the time constraints, but I finished early on all of the sections, so that didn’t end up being a problem at all. Overall, I felt okay about it, which is a lot more than I expected I would be able to say after taking the exam.

The point of this post is this: If you are in high school and are debating about whether or not to take an AP class, I say go for it. Even if you decide that it isn’t the class for you, you can always drop out. But I really think that it is worth the shot. You may not get college credit for it or score well on the AP exam, but in my opinion it is well worth the experience. Looking back, I grew a lot over the course of this class, and I became a better student and an overall more well-rounded person after learning so much about the world on a global scale.

This is just a suggestion, but please keep it in mind when you are picking your courses for the fall!




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