Musical Mondays: LOVER OF THE LIGHT by Mumford & Sons

babelOne of my close friends is obsessed with the band Mumford & Sons- and with good reason! With their piercing vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, and folk music sound, Mumford & Sons is a truly spectacular band. After diving deeper into some of their music I came across this little gem. This song is called Lover of the Light and it comes from their album Babel (shown to the right) which was released on September 25, 2012. I love the way the intensity of this song increases as you listen to it. In the beginning it is lighter and calmer, but by the end of the song it becomes more free and wild. The instrument accompaniment in this song is really cool and interesting, as are the lyrics. My favorite lines of this song are as follows:

“And in the middle of the night

I may watch you go.

There’ll be no value in the strength

Of walls that I’ll have grown.

There’ll be no comfort in the shade of

The shadows thrown.

But I’d be yours if you’d be mine.”

Give this song a listen!




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