Author: Jenny Hubbardpaper covers rock cover

Number of Pages: 192

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Release Date: June 14, 2011

“At the beginning of his junior year at a boys’ boarding school, 16-year-old Alex is devastated when he fails to save a drowning friend. When questioned, Alex and his friend Glenn, who was also at the river, begin weaving their web of lies. Plagued by guilt, Alex takes refuge in the library, telling his tale in a journal he hides behind Moby-Dick. Caught in the web with Alex and Glenn is their English teacher, Miss Dovecott, fresh out of Princeton, who suspects there’s more to what happened at the river when she perceives guilt in Alex’s writing for class. She also sees poetic talent in Alex, which she encourages. As Alex responds to her attention, he discovers his true voice, one that goes against the boarding school bravado that Glenn embraces. When Glenn becomes convinced that Miss Dovecott is out to get them, Alex must choose between them.”


I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. Ever since I first read John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska I’ve had this thing for stories taking place at boarding schools. I’ve never attended a boarding school myself, which is why they interest me so much. For some reason, I have always wondered what it would be like to go to one, and whether or not I would enjoy it. I don’t think I would like it that much, but that’s not the point. The point is that I think they are interesting to read about, which is why I chose to read this book.

I enjoyed Paper Covers Rock very much. I liked how Moby Dick was laced throughout the story because it added more depth to it. I’ve never actually read Moby Dick, but this novel has made me want to . I thought that Alex was a good narrator- there was a lot of personality and emotion in the writing, yet at the same time the plot kept moving forward. At first the set-up of the writing threw me off, because there are a lot of breaks and different titles and perspectives. It took me a little while to get used to, but once I did it actually sort of grew on me. My favorite part of this novel was the poetry that Alex wrote. It was really good, and it made it seem like you were getting to know Alex more and more with each poem. The ending surprised me at first, but then once I thought about it for a while it made more sense. I think that, given the circumstances, the story sort of had to end the way that it did.

Overall, this book was very good, although it was lacking something. I wouldn’t say that it was amazing, but it was definitely worth reading.

My Rating: :0) :0) :0) :0) 4 out of 5 smileys.

Would I recommend it to a friend?: Yes.



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