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Summer homework?

The last day of school is always bittersweet for me, because even though I have survived the year’s schoolwork I’ve still got yet another beast to tackle: summer homework. While I do recognize that summer work can actually be beneficial, there’s not getting around the fact that it (for lack of a better term) sucks.

This upcoming school year I will be taking AP US History. At my school, this is considered one of the hardest classes offered. But it is not necessarily the material that makes this class so difficult- it is the huge course-load. I have a large stack of summer homework to do for this class, not to mention other homework for English. It is safe to say that my summer will be pretty busy.

Do you agree with summer homework? If you are a student, do you have a lot of it this year? Let me know how you feel about this topic in the comments section below!



One response to “Summer homework?”

  1. I had a love/hate relationship with summer homework. I liked seeing what was on my reading lists, but I hated doing the actual assignments 😛

    APUSH was such a pain in my ass, but mostly because my teacher was so boring. Such a shame too because I loved history classes. Hope you have an interesting teacher for it!!


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