Revising is hard.

So over the summer I finally finished writing the novel I’ve been working on for years (YAY!). However, it’s sort of awful (okay, really awful) so I decided to write a second draft of it. In my mind, I thought that it would be easier that writing the first draft, because the basic framework of the story is already laid out- all I have to do it rewrite it and add in more details.

Yeah, well, I was wrong. Like, completely wrong.

Revising is hard.

Part of me likes my first draft, but the other part of me hates it, so it’s a constant battle between the two sides. I’m worrying that I’m going to forget to add key events and that my characters are going to remain as dimensionless as they are in the first draft. And what if all of the changes I’m making are really making the story worse? What if I’m moving backward instead of forward, down instead of up? What if my second draft ends up being all wrong? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have any of you ever experienced this before? Do you have any tips or advise for revising or just writing in general? I can use all the help I can get! Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or tweet me @Nutfreenerd.



2 thoughts on “Revising is hard.

  1. Congrats on finishing your first draft! 😀 I’m trying to do the same. My novel was such a mess that I had to do a good bit of revising. I’d advise leaving it for a bit (gives you a bit of distance and perspective) and taking your time – it’s hard work! And though it’s a slog, and you have to take out stuff you like, think how much better your book will be afterwards! Good luck 😀


    1. Thanks for the great advice! I probably will take some time away from it- I’m so busy with school that I kind of have to. As always, thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


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