Musical Mondays: GHOSTS by The Head and the Heart

the head and the heart album coverIf you’re into folksy, earthy, indie, or acoustic-sounding music then this song is definitely for you. The Head and the Heart’s song Ghosts is off of their album titled The Head and the Heart, which was released on January 11, 2011. It opens with an awesome piano solo, which is carried out throughout the song and occurs again at the end. This upbeat tune it both happy and a little sad- to me, it’s about growing up and not knowing which direction to go in or path to take next. The Head and the Heart has a unique and soulful sound that all of their music possesses, and this song is no exception. I love when the singers harmonize together, and the fact that the key of this song is so unusual. I also like how you can hear the base line of the guitar throughout it. However, I especially love the clever and thoughtful lyrics this song has. My favorite lines of this song are as follows:

Is it any wonder why we all leave home?

People say, “I knew you when you were six years old!’

And you say, “But I’ve changed, I’ve changed,

I’ve changed, I’ve changed.”

Give this song a listen, and check out the rest of their awesome album!




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