Musical Mondays: Corey Gray

corey grayCorey Gray is this fantastic singer on Youtube who does covers of songs. As well as singing, he also plays the guitar, piano, drums, etc. His covers are really cool to listen to because a lot of the time he takes faster songs and makes them slower, or takes pop songs and gives them an acoustic twist. He’s a great musician overall, but here’s the real reason behind why I love him so much:

Do you know the song Treasure by Bruno Mars? Well, I may be in the minority here, but I don’t really like that song. Something about it irks me, and I find myself fiddling with the knobs every time it comes on the radio. Corey recently uploaded a cover of this song (click here to watch it) and I listened to it all the way through, captivated. His voice actually made me enjoy listening toΒ a song that I very much disliked before. To men, that takes some serious talent.

Check out Corey’s channel by clicking hereΒ to listen to some truly great music. If you like what you hear, he has several albums available for purchase on iTunes. Give him a chance, and you won’t be disappointed! Some of my personal favorites are his covers of:

  • Pumped Up Kicks (feat. Jake Coco)
  • It Girl
  • She Will Be Loved
  • Here Without You
  • Don’t You Worry Child (feat. Jake Coco)

Hope you enjoy his music!




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