top ten tuesday: reasons I love being a reader

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s time for another installment of Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. This week, the topic is Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader. Truth be told, there are infinite reasons why I love being a reader, or a bookish person in general, so here are just a few of them in nor particular order:

  1. Unlike Sherlock, I am rarely bored. There is usually another book waiting to be read on my bookshelf, and if not there is a whole library filled with captivating stories that I can dive into. Being a reader means always being entertained, whether you are at home or on the go. tumblr_m7os6o9Iwi1qm5bjko2_500
  2. No electricity? No problem. Watching Netflix, scrolling Tumblr, and catching up on Youtube subscriptions are enjoyable past times, but they all require electricity. During power outages (which occur frequently in New England, where I live) people often complain that they have nothing to do. But readers never have that problem, because all a book needs in order to be read is a flashlight beneath the covers of a cozy bed.
  3. People always know what to get me for gifts. Some people are SO HARD to buy gifts for. But readers? It’s easy. Books will always do- if not literature, then bookish items or even gift cards. Being a reader means that there’s less of a chance of receiving socks for Christmas and a greater possibility of opening up a shiny new novel.
  4. Bookish discussions with other readers. One of the best feelings is being able to completely fangirl about a book with someone else. There’s that instant connection, and you know exactly what the other person is saying because you also experienced the same story. What could be better than that?
  5. New ideas, perspectives, and opinions. Reading isn’t just about stories- it’s also about gaining new information about places, people, culture, and life in general. I’m probably paraphrasing some famous quote here, but the best books are the ones that force you to think and that affect the perspective with which you view life. The prospect of always being able to learn something is what makes reading so exciting for me.
  6. More reading = better writing. It’s no secret that the more you read, the better your writing skills will be. The two go hand in hand, which I am so grateful for. Writing and reading are my two favorite things in the world, and I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t able to do either of them.
  7. Understanding the real stories behind movie adaptations. As a reader, I will always try to read the book before I go and see the movie adaptation. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know the finer details of the relationships between the characters, the plot, or even how the story really ended. Unlike regular movie-goers, readers get the inside scoop that, in my opinion, makes the movie more enjoyable to watch.
  8. English class is a nice break, not a struggle. So many people in my school hate English class, and I do have to admit that the class itself is kind of a joke. However, there are some things we do that are actually valuable, and having a love of reading allows me to see that. It also helps that when we’re assigned reading homework, I jump for joy.
  9. The bookshelves. A reader’s dream: bookshelves lining every wall and every corner, brimming with beautiful copies of books just waiting to be read. Like many reader’s out there, I, too, appreciate a quality bookshelf- or any bookshelf, really.
  10. The simple pleasure of reading itself. I think we all know about this one. The sound of a turning page, the feeling of a heavy hardcover copy as you turn it over in your hands, the smell of that old book from the library. The mere action of looking at ink on a page and transforming it into a story that breathes life and makes you feel all of the emotions possible. There’s something magical about reading, and that’s the real reason why I love being a reader.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my list! Why do you love being a reader? Let me know in the comments section below!




2 thoughts on “top ten tuesday: reasons I love being a reader

  1. No boredom! And yes on no power. We just had a terrible 2 weeks here, one week with power going off all the time, so I read LOADS. Absolutely LOADS. 😀 Totally awesome. 😀
    4-6 all YES! I wish I got more bookish gifts though. :L My parents never get me books though I keep hinting at it. -.-
    And yes to 10 as well. Awesome 😀
    Happy reading!

    My TTT


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