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sherlock season 3: a review in gifs

I FINALLY finished watching the third season of BBC’s Sherlock the other day. I still don’t even know what to think. So instead of using words, I thought I would do a review of the season using GIFs.

Episode 1: The Empty Hearse


Episode 2: The Sign of Three


Episode 3: His Last Vow


I  can’t even. The third episode. AHHHHHHHHH.






2 thoughts on “sherlock season 3: a review in gifs”

  1. I feel as though the entire mood of this season was very different from the first two. Instead of focusing on mysteries, it definitely focused more on the characters and how they were changing and developing. I agree, I didn’t like it as much as the first two seasons, but I still found it very enjoyable… that is, until the third episode scrambled my brain. 🙂


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