birthday haul.

Why hello there, lovely readers!

Last weekend was my eighteenth birthday, and boy did I receive some fantastic gifts! I thought I would share them with you since I think you guys might like them.

The first is this adorable green teapot. Isn’t the color fabulous? It has a little strainer thing in it for loose tea, and it’s microwavable! It’s the perfect size for heating up just the right amount of tea.


The next one is a gift from my brother, and I have to say that he did a brilliant job of picking it out. It’s a stuffed animal Weeping Angel from Doctor Who! It’s so cute and creepy at the same time! It even makes screeching noises when you press a button in its belly.


This last gift might very well be the best of them all: BOOK SCENTED SOY CANDLES.That’s right, people. These amazing candles smell like Bookstore and Old Books, and they’re AMAZING. They’re made by Frostbeard Studio, and they have a bunch of awesome nerdy candles available for sale on their Etsy page. I highly recommend them!


And that’s my birthday haul! I’d like to give my wonderful family a shout-out for being such thoughtful people- you’re the best, guys! 😉



3 Replies to “birthday haul.”

  1. Happy birthday! I want those candles! I wonder how they managed to get the scents- do they smell exactly right or more like “essence of vague book”? Either way, ridiculously cool,


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