QUOTE: Agatha Christie

“One of the saddest things in life, is the things one remembers.”  ~ Agatha Christie

I think we all feel a bit nostalgic during the holiday season. It’s nice to know that Agatha Christie has our back.

What quotes have you discovered recently? Let me know in the comments section below!



2 responses to “QUOTE: Agatha Christie”

  1. I love quotes! I found one: “in a universe so filled with wonders humans have invented boredom” by terry pratchett. It’s such a beautiful and resonating line, however a friend thought that I had made it up and now thinks I am the most amazing person in the world. Gosh, that sent me cracking up so hard my stomach is hurting! XD

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    1. OMG I love the quote you found! It’s so incredibly true- we find ways of distracting ourselves even though there are so many fascinating things around us that can be explored and experienced. haha, well at least your friend believes you can be that brilliant! 🙂

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