On Book Recommendations

On Book Recommendations DiscussionDo you take the recommendations of other into consideration when choosing books to read? Are you more likely to listen to the recommendations of a book blogger online or a person you know in real life? Do you even take book recommendations into consideration at all? Let’s talk about it!

Personally, I always take recommendations into consideration when picking books to read. I’m a “mood reader”, so it depends on what I’m feeling like reading at the time, but nevertheless I usually try to remember what books people have recently recommended. There have been so many instances when I’ve absolutely loved a book that someone told me I should read. Here are some of the more recent ones:

I could go on and on about all of the fabulous books I’ve been recommended, but the list would be way too long. There haven’t been many books that I’ve read based on a recommendation and disliked, so I guess I’ve been lucky in that regard!

I usually get my book recommendations from:

  • People in libraries
  • Librarians
  • Book blogs
  • Booktube
  • Friends, family, etc.

Working in a library as a page has numerous benefits, and book recommendations is certainly one of them! I’m surrounded by great librarians who read awesome books, so I’m never completely at a loss for what to read next. And because I’m at the library so often, I always have the chance to pick up another book to read. It’s incredibly convenient!

I think that book recommendations are wonderful things- not only are you learning about new books, but you know that at least one other person really enjoyed reading it. A lot of times I’m hesitant to buy or invest my time in a book I’ve never heard of before because I don’t know if it will be worth it or not. It’s a gamble, and with so many books and so little time, why take that risk? Sometimes it works out great, but other times it can be quite disappointing. If someone has recommended a book to you because they love it, chances are it will at least be a decent read. Besides, then you have someone to discuss the book with once you finish reading it!

I also love recommending books to other people. One of the best feelings is recommending a book to someone and then finding out that they love it once they’ve read it. I’m constantly recommending books to people, especially ones I’ve read recently or ones that made a big impression on me.

What do you all think about book recommendations? How would you answer the questions at the beginning of this post? Let me know in the comments section below!



8 thoughts on “On Book Recommendations

  1. I love book recommendations that come from anywhere. For me, I can get overwhelmed with choices in what to read next and having that recommendation can steer you in the right direction and expose you to new authors and genres you might never have found.


    1. I totally agree! My TBR list is miles long, so whenever I’m undecided about what to read next I just think about what people have recently recommended to me. Usually it’s something that I’m really excited to read, and my problem is solved!

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  2. I don’t tend to get too many recommendations in real life so I’d have to say that I use blogging more often. If someone recommends it, at least you know that one person likes it! 🙂


    1. Exactly! I never used to get a lot of book recommendations in real life until I started working at a library and going to my school’s library more often. Plenty of book recommendations there, haha 🙂 There’s always that peace of mind that comes with reading a recommended book, especially if you really trust the person who recommended it to you in the first place.

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  3. I love recommendations that come from nowhere, they’re usually the best!
    PS I’m giving away a new book. Hope you like it, so you want to enter x


  4. Yep I’m all for book reccomendations! It’s because of them that I stumble across such beautiful reads! Plus it makes being a bookish person all that more fun – like here’s a little gift that’s freakin’ awesome, and I want to share its awesomeness with you. It’s BRILLIANT! 😀

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    1. Yes! It’s how I make most of my bookish friends, and it’s a great way to get to know what their reading tastes are. You can tell a lot about people from the books that they recommend!

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