More Books: College, Canada, and B.J. Novak, Oh My!

More books_ college, canada, and b.j.I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, mainly because I’ve been trying not to buy so many books! This past month I took wonderful trip to Barnes and Noble and bought a few books there, and then I also received some copies in the mail that were sent to me for review. Let’s get started with the haul!

DSCN3339Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold by Iain Reading

I was sent this copy in the mail for review, so a big thank you goes out to Iain Reading, the author! This is quite different from what I normally read, but it looked so fun that I couldn’t resist accepting the offer.

DSCN3342The Her Campus Guide to College Life by Stephanie Lewis Kaplan, Annie Chandler Wang, and Windsor Hanger Western

I was also sent this copy in the mail for review by Her Campus, so another thank you should go out the lovely ladies there! I’ve already read it and reviewed it, and if you’re interested in seeing my thoughts on it you can click here to read my review. 

DSCN3345Wonder by R.J. Palacio (the Spanish translation)

One of my goals this summer is to read more Spanish translations in preparation for taking Spanish in college. I’ve always wanted to read this middle grade book because I’ve heard wonderful things about it, so when I saw the Spanish translation of it in the store I just had to buy it!

DSCN3349Our Town by Thornton Wilder

My AP English teacher adores this play, and I trust her bookish tastes 150%. I haven’t read many plays, and I’m hoping this will open the doors to a new genre for me. Plus, the cover is GORGEOUS. I knew I had to have it once I saw it in the store!

DSCN3355One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak

Oh, B.J. Novak, how I adore you. His work with the US television show The Office was brilliantly hilarious, and his new picture book The Book with No Pictures is delightful. I can’t wait to read this collection of short stories- and can we just talk about its awesome minimalist cover design?

You’ve probably noticed that these pictures are taken outside. I decided to go for a little adventure to the porch on the side of my house to take these pictures, since the sunlight was taunting me from outside. Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t cooperating and the last two pictures ended up being super light and then super dark. Oh, well- I’ll get the hang of taking pictures someday!

But it is not this day mem

What books have you gotten recently? What do you think of the books in this haul? Let me know in the comments section below!



4 responses to “More Books: College, Canada, and B.J. Novak, Oh My!”

  1. Great choices! How’s the Her Campus book? I’m dying to read it.


    1. It’s great! And it was published with perfect timing, since I’ll be heading off to college in the fall. I wrote a review about it recently, if you’d like to read it:


  2. That cover of Our Town is gorgeous! I LOVE that play, and I really hope you like it.


  3. […] More Books: College, Canada, and B.J. Novak, Oh My! […]


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