4 Reasons Why We Love Signed Books

summer tipsToday I thought I’d have a little discussion about signed books with you all, specifically answering the question: Why do we love signed books? I recently realized that in the grand scheme of things this is a little odd. Many of us adore our collections of books that have scribbles from authors on just a single page, but why does this make them different from any other book on our shelves?

Here are 4 reasons why we value signed books:

1. Bragging rights.

This one might not apply to every book lover, but it certainly applies to some. Signed books are pretty cool to own, so when people get their hands on them sometimes a bit (or a lot) of boasting can follow. Personally, I think it’s fine to be happy and proud of your collection of signed books, but there’s definitely a line between excited sharing and purposeful, over-the-top bragging. The mere opportunity to brag might entice some readers to purchase more and more signed books, although I think this is far too much of a materialistic view to live by.

2. They’re unique.

Unless they’re photocopied (and therefore not actually signed at all) each signed book is unique. I think it’s as humans we have an inherent desire to own unique objects unlike all others, including books. Normal copies of books are nearly identical, but signatures- now those are exciting!

3. The signatures are marks that hold memories.

A lot of times people get signatures from authors when they go to public events, like meet-and-greets and readings. These signatures are reminders of fun times meeting authors and other readers, along with the fantastic story bound within the books’ pages.

4. They make us feel a connection with the author.

It’s easy for some authors- especially the really famous and popular ones- to seem like celebrity figures rather than normal people like the rest of us. For example, J.K. Rowling can certainly seem to be almost royalty, but in actuality she is just a daughter, mother, and human being like the rest of us. Seeing such a signature on the page of a book can help remind us of that.

Personally, I love signed books so long as they’re ones from authors that I really care about. For example, I have signed copies of BZRK by Michael Grant and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. These are authors that have significantly shaped me as a reader, and therefore they hold a special place in my heart.

How do you feel about signed books? Let me know in the comments section below!




4 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why We Love Signed Books

  1. I freaking love signed books! I must have approaching 50 signed copies (many of them 1st editions) – including 3 by JK Rowling (and 1 by Robert Galbraith). I’m a collector, so I often seek out new and upcoming authors and buy their signed books and then watch them appreciate in value (I don’t sell, but it’s nice to know how my collection is coming along). Great post! 🙂


  2. What a good discussion to bring up! I think the best part about signed books is, as you mentioned above, the memories they hold. The signature is just an added bonus! 🙂


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