Top Ten Tuesday: Signs It’s Almost Summer!

TTT Signs It's SummerThis week is an especially exciting edition of Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) because the topic is a FREEBIE! Since I have the power to pick any topic I want, I’ve decided to go with something that will hopefully brighten up your day. When I was younger I always stood steadfastly in my belief that autumn and winter were the best months. My opinion has changed with time, however, and the warmer months have gradually inched their way to the top of my list of favorites. Summer is approaching quickly here in New England, and I love waking up each morning and seeing what new things this wonderful time of year has to offer. So without further ado, these are my Top Ten Signs That It’s Almost Summer!  

1. The days get longer and longer.

Not literally, of course- there are still 24 hours in a day! But once we adjust our clocks in the spring the daylight seems to last a little longer each day. This change is especially noticeable in New England, where the sun starts to set around 4 p.m. in the winter and after 7 p.m. around this time of year. I feel so much more energetic in the sunshine, so this is a real plus for me!

2. You get the urge to be outside.

To be honest, I’m only an outdoorsy person when the conditions are right. I don’t like bugs, cold weather, or other such unpleasantness associated with the great outdoors. However, as soon as the warmer months arrive I feel a sudden desire to stop what I’m doing and go enjoy the loveliness of the open air. This generally takes the form of me reading or doing work outside on the porch instead of in my bedroom, but I’m still outside so I’m counting it!

sunshine gif

3. Your skin sees the light of day.

Usually during the winter (especially this past one) my legs don’t experience the warmth of sunlight for even a second. Protected by flannel pajamas and cozy leggings, they become paler and paler until it’s kind actually worrying (don’t worry, they’re fine). But there comes a point around this time of year when I venture to where shorts or a skirt, and then they’re exposed for all the world to see.

4. Your reading taste begins to change.

If you’re anything like me, your mood greatly affects the books you want to read. For example, in the winter I usually read darker, more intense books such as complicated fantasy, historical, or science fiction novels. Once the temperature starts to creep up, though, my reading taste switches significantly. Right about now I have the itch to read some lighter YA contemporary novels- my standard go-to summer read.

rolling bird

5. So many birds.

What description of a beautiful summer morning would be complete without mentioning the cheerful chirping of birds? I love waking up in the morning to the sound of birds singing outside my window (on the weekends, of course, because no birds are awake when I get up for school). They’ve been really vocal these past few weeks, which means that summer isn’t too far away!

6. Wardrobe change!

This is a pretty obvious one: sweaters and boots are slowly replaced by dresses and sandals. By the end of this winter I felt like I had worn all of my sweaters and flannels each about a hundred times, so it’s been nice to break out some of my lighter clothing.

Flowers in the garden- I love tulips!

 7. Life!

As I look outside my window at my front yard, I’ve noticed that everything is green and bright. The grass, the leaves, the flowers, the blue sky- you name it and it’s vibrant and wonderful! It’s such a great change compared to the dismal darkness of winter.

8. You suddenly want to clean everything.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who experiences this feeling, but as soon as the weather gets warmer I have the sudden desire to start cleaning and organizing everything. I clean my room, organize my desk, and finally throw out that enormous mountain of papers that’s been growing since the beginning of the school year. I feel like the space in my bedroom has somehow quadrupled since January!

9. School starts to relax.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I still have A TON of work to do in school. But for some reason it still feels more relaxed. The teachers seem more understanding about not being focused all the time, and my attitude toward school in general is much less strict. I no longer feel the need to study 100% of the time like I normally do, and instead I’ve started hanging out with friends more. I have a more positive attitude when it comes to studying and doing work because the end is finally in sight!

what time is it

10. You get that feeling of excited anticipation.

Summer has always been an exciting time of year for me, even though much of it is spent reading on my porch and chipping away at summer homework. Such an expanse of free time is something that truly comes only once a year for me, and I look forward to it each and every school year. Although the familiar routine of the school year is comforting and certainly has its benefits, nothing quite beats the freedom of summer. I start getting excited months in advance, so you can imagine how I feel now that May is already half over!

What signs do you look for to know that summer is finally approaching? What do you think of my list? Let me know in the comments section below!



6 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Signs It’s Almost Summer!”

  1. Show off! Here in the Southern hemisphere it’s winter 😦 I love summer, especially the wardrobe change! I’m a shorts girl, not a jeans one
    I did my top ten Tuesday on my favourite places to read 🙂


  2. Enjoy your summer! Our days are getting shorter and shorter, although to be honest it’s still warm in our corner of South Africa. Our inside joke is you only know it’s winter because our air conditioning is off 🙂


  3. One of the best parts of summer is being able to read outside! I love tanning by the pool with a book, going out to eat and sitting outside with a book, or even just sitting in my own backyard and reading (armed with sunglasses and sunscreen). Something about reading outside feels so…refreshing!


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