JELLICOE ROAD by Melina Marchetta // Reread

Re-Read ChallengeAt the beginning of this year I made it a goal to take part of the Re-Read Challenge hosted by Belle of the Literati and So Obsessed With (click here to see my original post). I won’t be writing full reviews of the books that I reread- instead, I’ll be following this format that is part of the challenge.

I’ve only reread one other book so far this year (The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger) so I’m a little (or a lot!) behind with this challenge. But no worries! Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta holds a very special place in my bookish heart, so I’m particularly excited to share my thoughts on it!

Jellicoe-Road-by-Melina-Marchetta_thumbWhen I First Read

I first read this book YEARS ago when I saw it on the shelf at my local public library (where I now work!) and decided to read it simply because I thought the cover was pretty. There you have it, folks: I judged this book on its cover, and you know what? IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I absolutely adored this book the first time I read it, so much so that I read it again. And again. And, now, again.

What I Remember

Since this was my fourth time reading this book, there weren’t many details that I had forgotten. I know the story so well by now that only one or two things really took me by surprise. Its complexity is one of the reasons why I love it, which works to my advantage in regard to rereading. There are so many twists, turns, and startling reveals that I have yet to tire of experiencing them!

Why I Wanted to Re-Read

As you can tell from my previous reviews of this novel, I LOVE it. In August of 2013 I posted a full review of Jellicoe Roadand in September of 2014 I wrote about why I keep rereading it. Basically, it comes down to the fact that this novel makes me feel so many different emotions. I feel sympathy for Taylor’s situation, excitement about the territory wars, curiosity towards Hannah’s story, and the bittersweet tang of nostalgia at the end. I simply love these characters and their world surrounding the Jellicoe Road, and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect novel to reread in the summertime.

How I Felt After Re-Reading

It sounds cliche, but I fell in love with this story all over again after rereading it for the fourth time. Part of me was afraid that I had somehow outgrown it in the past year or that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much, but my fears were completely unnecessary. My heart was overflowing with love for Taylor and Raffy and Chaz and Griggs, and it was everything I remembered it being. I could especially connect with their predicament this time around because I, too, am moving past high school and wondering what the future will have in store for me. There’s uncertainty and nervousness laced throughout Taylor’s narration, but there’s also an undeniable thread of hope holding everything together. That raw hope is infectious- it reassures you that no matter how bad things may seem, there’s always a chance for life to get better.

Would I Re-Read Again

This question is a bit redundant, no? OF COURSE I would read it again- in fact, I’m ninety-nine percent positive that I will! It’s by far one of the best books I’ve ever read.

What are your thoughts on this book? Do like rereading in general? Let me know in the comments section below!



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