Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Read On A Whim

Books I Read On A Whim-2This is my first Top Ten Tuesday in quite some time, and it feels so great to be back on the weekly grind! This week I’ll be showcasing the Top Ten Books I’ve Read On A Whim, although there are many more than ten that I could highlight. Working in a library for two years and spending a lot of time perusing bookstore shelves are two surefire ways to end up reading numerous books on a whim. Some of these spontaneous picks have been better than others, but here are ten of my most recent memorable ones:

Books I Read On A Whim-3

Books I Read On A Whim-4

Books I Read On A Whim-5

Books I Read On A Whim-6

Books I Read On A Whim-7

Books I Read On A Whim-8

Books I Read On A Whim-9

Books I Read On A Whim-10

Books I Read On A Whim-11

Books I Read On A Whim-12

What are the best books that you’ve read on a whim? What do you think of the ones I’ve read? Let me know in the comments section below!



28 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Read On A Whim”

    1. I enjoyed it, but it definitely went in a different direction than I was expecting. I’m a sucker for Patrick Ness’ writing, so I didn’t mind the strangeness all that much haha

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    1. I absolutely love And Then There Were None– it was my first Agatha Christie novel, and I’ve reread it countless times since. BBC recently made a mini 2-part series of it, which I really need to watch ASAP!


    1. Illuminae is fantastic, but it’s definitely not perfect. If you’re looking for a sci-fi read that’s unique and a little experimental with its format, then I would highly recommend it. It’s so suspenseful that you’ll be hooked once you get past the first 100 pages or so (at least, that’s what happened to me). I hope you enjoy it if you decide to give it a try! 🙂

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      1. Yeah… I’ve read all of the Infernal Devices, the Mortal Instrument, and I’ve read Lady Midnight, all since Christmas!! So I’d definitely recommend her writing to anyone who asked me.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to read Ella Minnow Pea for ages! And I also read The Night Circus on a whim – and I absolutely loved it! I really need to read Life After Life as well…


  2. Oh dear, I’m trying to remember when I last read a book on a whim! I seem always to be reading books I “have” to read – I also “want” to read them but they are pre-chosen usually – reading group books, gift books, review copies seem to take up much of my reading space. It would be easier to talk about books I’ve BOUGHT on a whim, but that would be a copout! Before I put my mind to the task, I will say that I’ve read a few of the books you name – particularly the Atwood and Morrison – and can see exactly why they are in your top ten!

    I’m just going to choose one book. It was a gift but, let’s face it, I’ve got many books as gifts in my piles that I’ll probably never read, but this one popped out at me Danielle Wood’s Mothers Grimm. I read it last year but it keeps popping into my head the way she twists and turns motherhood stories and myths. A really good book that has had too little attention to my mind.

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