Top Ten Tuesday: Endings that Left Me Speechless {Rewind!}

Foodie Facts About Me-5Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, and this week’s theme is a particularly fun one: REWIND! That means that we can go back and do any theme we would like that has already been done. I’ve decided to go with my Top Ten WOW Endings; in other words, I’ll be sharing ten endings that left me speechless, whether due to their brilliancy, their unexpectedness, or their ability to simply blow my mind. A good ending can make or break a book for me, so you can rest assured that the books on this list are real stunners.

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I was initially planning on writing a bit about each one, but I decided not to because I don’t want to spoil the endings for anyone who hasn’t read these books. That being said, I’d love to chat more in-depth about these endings in the comments section!

What books have wowed you with their endings? What do you think of the books on my list? How important is an ending in your overall opinion of a book? Let me know in the comments section below!



40 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Endings that Left Me Speechless {Rewind!}”

  1. Definitely Life of Pi! I was also just thinking that I need to reread Animal Farm, so thank you for the reminder! Another one that wowed me at the end was Cutting for Stone.

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    1. I’m really surprised that I didn’t have to read Animal Farm in school… I’m glad, though, because I think I enjoyed it more reading it on my own than I would have with a class. Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed these books as well 🙂

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      1. I do think you tend to enjoy a book more that you pick up on your own rather than the ones forced on you in school! I think this was probably the exception for me … Except maybe one other that was about a nuclear explosion… But I can’t remember what it’s called


  2. Gone With the Wind and The Awakening were phenomenal! The endings left me really thinking and pondering for a while. How long does it normally take for you to recuperate from such a good book? I find myself not being able to pick up another one for a couple of days just because I can’t stop thinking about the other book (and it just wouldn’t be fair to the new book would it?)

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    1. It can take me FOREVER to recuperate from such a good book. Sometimes I’ll even be thinking of another book while reading a different one! The worst is when you have to keep up with assigned reading for classes and you can’t take your time to fully digest everything you read. I love slow summer reading! 🙂


    1. I’ve heard a similar thing from a few people who have read We Were Liars. Apparently it was surprising unless you’ve previously read something else like it. I’ll probably experience that the next time I read a book like We Were Liars 🙂 Thanks!

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    1. The ending of Owen Meany was so dramatic and unexpected but it completely made sense with the rest of the story, which is why I loved it so much! I’m glad that we agree on a bunch of these books 🙂


  3. We Were Liars is one of my favorite books ever! Shelved under ma-baby on GR , to be exact ahaha
    I absolutely loved everything about the book and this mind-f***ery(pardon my French) at the end made it ever better!

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    1. hahaha that’s exactly what I loved about it as well! The ending completely blew my mind– I had never even thought that that could be the reason why everything was happening!
      I’m glad that I’m not the only one! 🙂

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  4. Handmaiden’s Tale. Especially since it was set in around Harvard Yard/Square. Hit me hard and still does. Over 10 years ago, an older/friend colleague was really freaked out reading it for a women’s studies class so I had her watch the movie and we would go over all of it, i.e. my theory — Aidan Quinn as a spoonful of sugar to help the narrative go down. It worked to get her through the class, but she still had nightmares for a bit.

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    1. It’s such an unsettling read, but an incredibly thought-provoking one as well. My high school librarian recommend it to me and I’m so glad she did! I didn’t know there’s a movie adaptation of it! I’ll definitely have to check it out.


    1. Jane Eyre is one of my all-time favorite books. Jane herself is such an inspiring, admirable heroine ❤
      The ending of Catching Fire is another fantastic one! I've never read Ten Thousand Skies Above You, but I'll definitely check it out!


  5. Gone With the Wind!! That ending, though. Too open ended for me. So much so that I actually read Scarlett, which is a tawdry romance novel sequel written by someone else that was kind of terrible. And it basically took another 800 pages to get to the ending that my heart really wanted, and my imagination of how it happened was wayyyy better.

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    1. Oh no!! I was thinking of reading Scarlett, but I’ll have to think twice before I do now! I agree, I could have used a bit more info and closure at the end of Gone with the Wind. What happens to Scarlett and Tara and Rhett and everything?!?!!?!?! I must know!! 🙂


  6. I know a ton of people say that they found the ending for We Were Liars predictable, but I didn’t see it coming from a mile away, ha. I was completely taken aback, perhaps because I was so immersed in the prose that I didn’t spend much time thinking about what might or might not happen. Have you read On the Jellicoe Road? I really enjoyed that one as well, and think it’s perfect for fans of WWL. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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