Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Name My Plants After


Happy Tuesday! If you were to ever visit my dorm room then you would immediately understand my love for tiny plants. My roommate and I have a number of them sitting along our windowsill, eagerly waiting to cheer us up whenever we come back to the room after a long day. I adore my plants, but I must admit that I have a small problem with them: I don’t know what to name them.

Then I gratefully stumbled upon this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme, an open-ended topic involving naming things after fictional characters. In an attempt to give some solace to my nameless plants, here are ten fictional characters I would consider naming them after: 











Which of these names do you like best? What fictional characters would you name your plants after? Let me know in the comments section below!



30 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Name My Plants After”

  1. I’ve never thought about naming my plants…mostly because I can’t keep them alive for very long. I currently have three plants, and only one of them is actually dying – and for me, that’s GOOD. I did my Top Ten Tuesday about cats, and Gatsby and Luna were on my list, too!

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    1. Don’t worry, my plants have come close to dying so many times! It usually happens when I have short breaks from school like Columbus Day weekend or Thanksgiving. It’s just long enough for me to not bring them home with me, but when I get back to my room they’re always dry as a bone and I feel so bad!
      Oooh, I’ll definitely have to check out your TTT!


    1. Pip and Holden are two of my favorites! Holden has always struck me as a great plant name, and coincidentally it’s also the name of one of my friend’s plants. I guess it just has that plant-like ring to it!

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