OCTOBER 2016 | Wrap-Up


The spookiest month of the year has come to a close, and with it has come the beginning of one of my favorite months: NOVEMBER! Enough about the present, though– today I’ll be sharing a bit about what I was up to in October.

5350384In October I read a total of 4 books:

  1. The Imagined Underworld by James Alex Garza
  2. Becoming Campesinos by Christopher Boyer
  3. Old English and its Closest Relatives by Orrin W. Robinson
  4. Crónica del desamor by Rosa Montero

Unfortunately I’ve been so busy lately that all of the books I read in October were assigned reading for my classes. My favorite book of the month was Old English and its Closest Relatives by Orrin W. Robinson because it was really interesting to see how early Germanic languages evolved and intertwined. If you’re interested in linguistics or language in general, I highly recommend it!

June (1)

If I had to sum up October in one word I would say: BUSY. From mountains of homework to longer tap dancing rehearsals and meetings for Student Senate to making decisions about courses and schedules for next semester, lately I’ve felt as though I’ve barely had enough time to eat, work, and sleep. Despite all of this chaos, I still managed to have a pretty great month! I visited my family back home over our brief October break, watched a bunch of scary movies, and had an incredibly fun Halloween weekend with my friends. (I dressed up as a hippie, if you’re wondering.) Though I’ve been feeling really stressed out lately, fun times with friends and family definitely makes it all worth it.


Also, I finally managed to watch Halloweentown, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Shining. A lot of screaming (and laughing!) ensued, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching them!

June (2)

Here are some notable posts from my blog this past month:

How was your October? What books did you read? What fun things did you do? What did you dress up as for HALLOWEEN??? Let me know in the comments section below!



10 thoughts on “OCTOBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

  1. My october was BUSY also, but I did have my birthday! I also went for a school hiking trip and a brief trip to Rajastan and then school started again and I realised that my college plans *sort of* changed even though I’m halfway through my senior year *haha*. But I did read a lot, so taht was exciting. Notable titles were the Tiffany Aching series and Fire by Sara Elfgren and Mats Strandberg, and Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater.

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  2. I spent my October studying for our semestral final exams hence I only got to read one book. I didn’t dress up for anything for this year’s Halloween, though I was planning to be a Gryffindor ghost XD How was yours? Btw, you have really cute graphics! Great post 🙂

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    1. My halloween was great! I got to watch Rocky Horror which is always a good time, and then I went to a Halloween party with my friends. Dressing up as a Gryffindor ghost is such a fun idea– and there’s always next year! 🙂
      Thanks so much!

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      1. Omg hoooooow did you dress up like Gryffindor ghost? I’m curious. Maybe it’ll give me ideas for next halloween too sinc I’ve been Manon Blackbeak for the past two halloweens already. Hahaha


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