The Happiness Tag

Need something to brighten your day? Look no further than the Happiness Tag! This tag is short and sweet, so let’s get started. Thanks so much to Anj @ Seaweed Books for tagging me!!

1. Visiting the library. Summer is always when I visit my local public library the most because a) I have more time to read b) I no longer have access to my college’s library and c) I love chatting with my former coworkers {I used to work at this library in high school}. Checking out towering stacks of books reminds me of visiting the library with my mom when I was younger.

2. My dogs. This is Eddie, one of my dogs. How could that cute little face not make you happy???

3. Hiking mountains. One of my favorite things about summer is the fact that I get to go hiking again. Fortunately I live within an hour or two of several gorgeous mountain ranges (perks of living in New Hampshire!) so there’s always something within reach.

4. Mornings. I’ve always been a morning person. There’s nothing like waking up on a warm summer morning with a cup of tea, a bowl of granola, and a good book.

5. Discovering new music. Hearing a new song that you love on the radio is one of the best feelings. Fortunately I’ve been listening to a lot of great new-to-me music lately!

Going off of the fifth item on my previous list, here are five songs that I’ve loved listening to recently:

  1. Little Slice by Watsky
  2. Don’t Take the Money by The Bleachers
  3. Return to Mine by Bird.Bird
  4. Daft Pretty Boys by Bad Suns
  5. Waving Through A Window by Ben Platt {Dear Evan Hansen}

Just for the fun of it, I’m going to tag some of the bloggers that I’ve most recently started following:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tag! Let me know your most recent favorite song and thing that makes you smile in the comments section below.



29 Replies to “The Happiness Tag”

    1. haha I don’t know, I’ve always been a morning person. I tend to automatically wake up around 6:30/7 even if I don’t set in alarm. Sometimes it’s annoying, but it definitely is helpful when I have to go to work or class early.
      THANKS!! ❤

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