Top Ten Tuesday: MUGS

Happy Tuesday!! There’s still some time until the bloggers behind The Broke and the Bookish return with their weekly Top Ten Tuesday themes, so I’m back with another one of my own. Today I’ll be talking about things that are incredibly near and dear to my heart: MUGS. If you know me, then you’re probably aware of my mug problem. I own SO MANY mugs, it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s hard to explain what I love so much about them… they’re just so cozy and comforting and cute. In no particular order, here are my top ten favorite mugs that I own:

1 || The Blue One.

I got this mug at Bennington Pottery a few years ago when I drove up to Vermont to tour Bennington College. Though I ended up not going there for school, I would definitely take a trip back up just to check out that pottery store again. This mug is the perfect size and the stuff it’s made of keeps the heat of steaming tea in for so long.

2 || The One with Quotes.

I received this mug as a Christmas gift from one of my best friends during our freshman year of college. As you can tell, it didn’t take her long to realize how much I love books! This mug is covered in famous first lines from classic novels.

3 || The One with the Cool Handle.

Isn’t this the niftiest mug handle you’ve ever seen??? It’s perfect for when your hands are really cold because you can rest your hand right in there and absorb all of the heat from the tea. I don’t remember where I got this mug, but I love it.

4 || The Figment One.

I got this mug on my first trip to Disney World when I was younger because I LOVE Figment the dragon. Come to think of it, this might be the very first mug I ever owned?!

5 || The Wheaton One.

I adore this mug so much. It’s simple, it’s the perfect round shape and size, and it holds just the right amount of tea. (It’s also great for eating ice cream out of…) I got this at the Wheaton bookstore when I first decided I wanted to go there.

6 || The SGA One.

Being part of the Student Government Association is one of my favorite things about Wheaton. This mug was a Christmas gift to all of the Senators during my freshman year and now I use it as a pencil holder on my desk.

7 || The Pizza John One.

I was SO HAPPY when I got this mug back in middle school because it finally made me feel like an official Nerdfighter. I love this mug so much that I use it to hold my toothbrush and toothpaste when I’m at school. (I bet I’ve freaked out some people in the bathroom that way…)

8 || The Big One.

Shhhh! I don’t actually own this mug!!! Technically this is my brother’s mug, but it holds SO MUCH tea that I can’t help but steal it on chilly mornings.

9 || The One from White Lake State Park.

My family has gone camping at White Lake State Park every summer for the past twelve years. It’s one of my favorite places in the world, so naturally I had to purchase this mug.

10 || The Oxford One.

My amazing parents recently surprised me by ordering this mug from the actual Oxford University shop in England. You should have seen my face when I opened the package—I was ECSTATIC. Just look at this adorable mug! I love the small size, the simple design, and the fact that it’s specific to the actual college I’ll be studying at within Oxford.

Do you have a favorite mug (or mugs!) that you like to use? What do you think of my mugs? Do you have a collection of random things? Let me know in the comments section below!



37 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: MUGS”

  1. I love this idea!! I have a bit of a mug obsession. And my high school roommate gave me the first lines one as a birthday present because I have a bit of an obsession with first lines and collect all my favourites in a special notebook 😀

    I love the looks of the one with the cool handle – so perfectly cosy!

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  2. I don’t own many mugs, really. I have one that’s Jack Skeleton’s head – which I love to use for soup, haha.
    Got a “regular” one with Pikachu on it from my boyfriend for Christmas – lightning bolts appear when there’s hot liquid in it!

    And now I recently got a mug with my FairyLoot box.

    All our other mugs are just that.. mugs, haha.

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  3. I do have a favorite mug and I wish I had a photo of it on my phone so I could properly share its greatness, but it is a huge Leo mug, because my zodiac sign is Leo and this thing is almost literally the size of my face. It holds 3-4 cups of a delicious hot or cold beverage. Bonus points, it also works really well for ramen or soup. I used it a lot as a college student.

    Oh, and I have a mug shaped like a 20 sided die because I am a huge fan of Tabletop RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons.

    And I picked up a mug while at BookExpo and BookCon this year and it says “If you were a book you’d be fine print,” and that cheesy literary pickup line was just rather amusing to me so I absolutely had to buy the mug.

    I own quite a few mugs but those ones are probably my favorites.

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    1. Huge mugs are the BEST. ❤ They also lead to me drinking WAY too much tea, but I'm not complaining….

      Also, that bookish pick-up line is hilarious! 🙂


  4. I love mugs too! A couple of years ago for my birthday my mom and my mother-in-law both gave me gorgeous mugs that have become favorites. One is a huge round mug from the Pioneer Woman collection covered in a teal and coral design, and the other is blue with a bookish quote on it. I use one or the other just about every single day, but I have a cabinet full of backup mugs just in case they’re both dirty!

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  5. For a second I thought the Wheaton mug referred to Wil Wheaton.
    I have a Darth Vader mug but he chips easily so I only use him on special occasions. One of my friends has a dark blue mug with the constellations that I always use.

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  6. I love your mug collection! And I love this idea. I might just do a TTT of my own with this subject one day :))

    My favourite Mug (I’m also a hopeless collector :P) is one that just says “Muggles”. I’ve got a few from Harry Potter but that one is my Number One Mug! 😀

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    1. OMG, naming them all would be so fun!! Although I’m horrible at deciding names for things… one time I tried to name my plants and it took AGES 🙂


  7. Love this!! Mugs are amazing, and I definitely have some favorites of my own!! I got one for running a 5K once (“running” hahahahahaha) and I use that one all the time. Also I have a moose one that is my morning coffee mug. I just can’t bear to drink coffee out of anything else in the morning.

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    1. Thanks!! 🙂 That moose one sounds adorable– I definitely go through phases when I use the same mug every single morning. It’s usually whichever one I got most recently (right now it’s the Oxford one).

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  8. PIZZA JOHN! Love it!!!

    I have so many mugs too. My favourite was the one that said “The characters may be fictional but the tears are not”, but I dropped it (full of coffee too) and broke the handle off it 😦 now I use it as a little vase in the kitchen, or sometimes to hold flavoured coffee sachets.

    So now it’s probably either my Lukes Diner or Dragonfly Inn one 🙂

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