Liebster Award | 5

I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! Today I’m here to answer some questions as part of the lovely Liebster Award. Thanks so much to Kathy @ The Novelty of Life for nominating me!!

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

I would LOVE to travel to Germany. I have family there that I’ve never visited, though they’ve visited me in the United States many times.

2. Do you have a good new adult recommendation?

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a book that’s considered part of the new adult genre!

3. If someone were to ask you why it is important to read, what would you say?

Perspective. Reading not only offers you new perspectives on ideas and situations, but it also allows you to view other people and cultures with more empathy.

4. What is your favorite reading spot?

At home in the summer I love to read in my backyard. Ideally, my favorite reading spot is on the beach at the lake where my family goes camping every summer.

5. When did you begin blogging?

SO LONG AGO. Technically I began blogging back in eighth grade using the Blogger platform (seven years ago?!?!) but I didn’t start using WordPress until high school.

6. If you could meet any author, who would you choose to meet?

Alive: John Green. Already dead: Willa Cather.

7. What genre do you want to read more of?

Contemporary poetry. I love Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey  and would really like to read more poetry collections like it. (Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated!!!)

8. What is your favorite book? Why?

UGH THIS QUESTION. SO DIFFICULT. A book I really love that I don’t talk about nearly as much as I should is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. I read it last summer by the lake when I was camping and was absolutely captivated by this sprawling, enchanting, beautifully crafted narrative. It’s not my favorite book ever, but it’s certainly on my list.

9. What is your least favorite book? Why?

I don’t think I have an all-time least favorite book, but one that I didn’t enjoy is The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. The protagonist bothered me, the love triangle plot was unoriginal, and the hype definitely caused me to have unrealistically high expectations. I went on to read the rest of the trilogy hoping that it would get better, but unfortunately I had no such luck.

10.  What is your favorite non-fiction book?

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass. I cannot even begin to explain how fascinated I am by Douglass work and life story. I wrote one of my final papers last semester on the critical reception of Douglass as a writer and it was actually such an enjoyable paper to write. I’m really looking forward to reading his other two autobiographies (hopefully soon!).

11. What is the reasoning behind your blog’s title?

I’m a nerd with a nut allergy!

Meredith @ Meredith Reads || Tania @ The Bookworm Mummy || Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts || Angharad & Becky @ Two Book Thieves || Caitlyn @ Rhodes of Reading

What are your answers to these questions? What do you think of mine? Let me know in the comments section below!



25 Replies to “Liebster Award | 5”

  1. I also enjoyed 100 Years of Solitue. One book I really liked that is new adult in the sense that the characters have finished school, but isn’t graphically sexual, is The Convent by Maureen McCarthy. It tells the story of four generations of women and how their lives are linked to this convent in Melbourne, Australia over the years. I really hated the book The Spectacular Now and Love in the Tme of Global Warming. You might like Lang Leav’s poetry?

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  2. All those lake pictures are makinf me so nostalgic for when I was at the beach this summer…
    I remember loving the summer I turned pretty but I think I read it in elementary school so it was probably before I started getting annoyed by unoriginal plots, and the protag would have just seemed super cool no matter what 😂
    This was such a fun post to read!

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  3. I always like reading Liebster awards! This tag seems to go around a lot! I read Jenny Han’s Burn for Burn and I didn’t really like it but I thought I really liked her as an author, if that makes sense? I really disliked The Summer I Turned Pretty–Belly just seemed really annoying and I didn’t want her to end up with Conrad? I didn’t finish the series. But I did like the Lara Jean trilogy so. I began blogging 3 years ago, but I also have a Blogger thing that I used for school assignments earlier than that. I might use it to play with site code sometime.


  4. Thank you for the tag! I absolutely adore the name of your blog, though I’m sad you have a nut allergy! I would love to meet Willa Cather…if only I could go back in time to when Cather was alive…Germany is also on my two travel list 🙂 I really need to get on the traveling train soon 🙂

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    1. Thank you! (And it’s okay haha there are worse things to have I guess!) If I ever find a time machine back to when Willa Cather was alive, I’ll definitely let you know! 🙂


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