Top Ten Tuesday: Slow Starters

Happy Tuesday!! We’ve all read those books that seem to drag on forever at the beginning before suddenly picking up and becoming an unexpectedly great read. This week, the lovely bloggers behind The Broke and the Bookish are asking us to showcase those books that we had a tough time with at first. Without further ado, here are ten slow starters that I ended up loving. 

Despite their slow starts, I highly recommend each and every one of these books!

What books have you enjoyed that started off kind of slow? What do you think of the books I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments section below!



36 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Slow Starters”

  1. It is always a treat to me when I am reading something and I think it is going to be really boring and then BAM it picks right up. On the other hand I have spent alot of time reading books waiting for them to get good only to realize it wasnt going to happen. Lol

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  2. Great list, Holly! I remember reading One Hundred Years of Solitude a little while ago,and I felt that it was a bit slow at the beginning as well. As it went on, though, I ended up really enjoying it 🙂

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  3. Totally agree with The Picture of Dorian Gray, that book took me forever to get into, but I read the second half of it pretty quickly. I think it was all that dinner party stuff in the beginning that really made me struggle.

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  4. I love Agatha Christie! Another of her slow starts is Murder Is Easy. After the title, it takes a few chapters to get to the main mystery.
    But Dorian Gray? There are monologues throughout, not just at the beginning. It’s a good book, but it drraaaaggsss.

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  5. On this list, I’ve read 100 Years of Solitude, which was slow but oh so great! It’s one of my fav classics. And I’m currently reading The Shining, which I agree is slow but has my interest because I’m curious about what will happen….I’m a little scared. It has a sinister tone to it like something bad is going to happen. (Despite it’s popularity, I don’t know much about the book.)

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