Top Ten Tuesday: Autumn Vibes

Happy Tuesday!! It’s autumn (AKA the best season of the year) and the lovely bloggers behind The Broke and the Bookish are celebrating with a fall-themed Top Ten Tuesday topic. Today I’ll be sharing ten books that give off autumn vibes. Some of these are obvious (they have to do with starting a new school year, changing seasons, etc.) but some remind of autumn for rather random reasons (it was autumn when I first read them, the cover is vaguely autumnal, etc.).

What do you think of the books on my list? What books give you autumn vibes? Is autumn your favorite season? Let me know in the comments section below!



13 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Autumn Vibes”

  1. So many gorgeous covers. I definitely agree with The Raven Boys giving of that Autumn vibe.

    Autumn is not one of my favourite seasons, as my country is mostly evergreen so we don’t have all the leaves changing colours and falling from the trees. It really just feels like the start of winter to me. My favourites are the very middle of Winter, and the start of Spring 🙂


  2. AHHHH I pulled an all-nighter reading Paper Covers Rock last March. It had such gorgeous prose…But Far From the Madding Crowd makes me think of winter, b/c I read it over Christmas…even though it is such a GREEN pastoral kind of book…funny how that works!


  3. Fantastic list! I love the editions of Far From the Madding Crowd and Pride & Prejudice that you picked out for it–they’re so lovely and undeniably appropriate for this time of the year. Adore it.


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