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Spreading Blogger (and Christmas!) Cheer

Recently Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff created this post in which she highlights bloggers as a way to spread blogger cheer during this festive season. Seeing as Christmas will be here before we know it (TOMORROW?!?!) I thought I would take the time to pass on Christmas cheer through a few blogger shoutouts. Here are some lovely bloggers and blogs that I’ve followed recently (and you should, too!):

Zoie @ Whisked Away by Words

Not only does Zoie have a beautiful blog, but she also leaves the most thoughtful comments. I love how she writes about travel as well as books!

Pamela @ Reverie Society

I love that Pamela’s blog is bilingual. She also writes such thought-provoking discussion posts and has a gorgeous blog design.

Loretta @ The Laughing Listener 

Loretta mostly reviews audio books, which motivates me to want to listen to more novels that way. The way she formats her reviews that makes them so easy and entertaining to read.

Marilyn @ Be Who You Want To Be

I love how much personality Marilyn’s writing has– she also has such a great taste in books! I’ve added so many titles to by TBR list since following her blog.

Georgiana @ Reader’s High Tea

Georgiana is another blogger with such ideal bookish taste. I’ve also had a great time reading through her posts on War and Peace. 

Last but not least, thanks so much to Michelle for constantly being a ray of positivity in the blogging community ❤ I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate!

What are you plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas in general? Have any favorite traditions? Reading any festive books? Let me know in the comments section below!



9 responses to “Spreading Blogger (and Christmas!) Cheer”

  1. I love these kinds of posts. I’m always looking for new blogs to follow.

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  2. What a fantastic idea, Holly, I love it and it always makes me discover new bloggers, thank you for this 🙂
    I hope you will have a lovely Christmas and great holidays with your family, Holly! Sending you all the love! xx

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  3. Lovely idea! Hope you have a great Christmas!

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  4. Aww, this idea of a post is so sweet! What a great way to spread the holiday cheer by spreading love around the blogosphere!❤️❄️🎄

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  5. Thank you so much for featuring me, Holly, I feel honored to be mentioned among such great bloggers!

    I am spending Christmas with my family, and I am so excited at the moment as I’ve just received 1Q84 from Santa ❤

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  6. Thanks so much for including me in this, and I’m really happy to discover some of the other bloggers you’ve listed! 😀

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    1. No problem!! Happy holidays! ❤

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  7. […] Spreading Blogger (and Christmas!) Cheer […]


  8. These kinds of posts are awesome! I love watching members of the book blogging community helping to support one another. ❤


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