Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can Never Remember

Happy Tuesday!! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is brought to the book blogging community by That Artsy Reader Girl who wants us to share books that we really liked but can’t remember much about.Β Honestly, there are SO MANY books that I could list here because I’m notoriously bad at remembering tiny details of books. Character names? Plot twists? Basic summaries? They all tend to vanish from my memory as soon as I finish reading the very last page. It’s a shame because these books definitely deserve to be remembered!

What books do you have a hard time remembering? What do you think of the books on my list? Let me know in the comments section below!



34 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can Never Remember”

  1. I remember the basic premise of Miss Peregrine but that’s it! I could tell you a bit about The Awakening and A Tale of Two Cities but I couldn’t go into every plot twist.
    Here’s my list:
    But there are a lot of books that I don’t remember the title or author. It’s pretty hard to put them in a list when you only remember one or two plot points!

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  2. You’ve totally just reminded me that I need to read The Crane Wife. There are some on here that aren’t quite so memorable for me too like A Tale Of Two Cities!

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  3. As I read your post,I was trying to remember the characters’ names in Miss Peregrine and…. I just can’t, my memory is blank hahahaha, that’s the worst feeling. I guess when we read so many books, we are bound to forget some things here and there πŸ˜›
    Lovely post! πŸ™‚

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  4. I really enjoyed A Tale of Two Cities. In fact it’s what really got me back into classic literature, but I sadly always seem to struggle to remember the major plot points. This is a bummer because I want more people to read it and see how awesome classics can be, but I have a hard time selling it when I can’t remember. Happy reading!


  5. I love your list, Holly 🌸
    I can also never remember the plot of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but that just makes it so much more fun when rereading. I also love rereading The Night Circus because it is one of my favourite books and because I can never remember all the magical details and I love experiencing them all over again!

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