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Whenever I tell people that I’m studying abroad in England, the first thing they often lament is the awful weather. It’s so rainy! Pack your rain boots! You’ll freeze! The sun will never come out! Here I was thinking that the streets of Oxford would constantly be flooding and my sneakers would be soaking wet every morning as I walked to lecture. Fortunately, that is definitely not the case!

While winter has certainly been grayer and wetter than autumn thus far, it isn’t nearly as cold as I expected. Over winter break back in the States, we got over a foot of snow where I live in New Hampshire. After wearing puffy winter coats, shoveling the driveway every few hours, and enduring temperatures close to zero degrees Fahrenheit, winter in England hardly feels like winter at all. The temperature tends to hover somewhere around forty or forty-five degrees Fahrenheit, making it feel more like March than January. And there are birds singing outside my bedroom window?!?! What season is it??

Check out all that snow back in New Hampshire.

There are even miraculous days of sunny blue skies to break up the gray monotony every once in a while. It feels strange to walk around and see green grass in the middle of January… where is all the snow? Where is all the slush? The shovels? The plows? It’s quite nice to not have to worry about walking in the snow; however, I know that if I hadn’t gone home to so much snow over break I would have really missed it. Winter just doesn’t feel the same without a foot of snow to trudge through!

A photo of the Rad Cam that I took in January. LOOK AT THAT GRASS.

Even Michaelmas term wasn’t as rainy, cold, or gray as people told me it would be. To be honest, I don’t really mind the weather in England, or at least the weather in Oxford. It’s so mild compared to the wild seasons of New Hampshire!

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What is winter like where you live? Do you get a lot of snow? What’s your favorite season? Let me know in the comments section below!



25 thoughts on “Winter in England | Holly Goes Abroad

    1. Thank you! ❤ To be honest, I never really watch football at home anyways and only ever watch the Super Bowl to see the half time show…. the time change also makes it REALLY difficult to watch here! 🙂

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  1. It’s funny how the cliché of rainy England tends to stick,e verytime I went there, I got some rain, but it was not as bad as I expected it to be, ahah. I hope you’ll still get some snow at some point, maybe later in February, who knows 🙂

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  2. We actually have really green grass with cold winters here in Italy too. It depends a lot on altitute, so this might include snow too! I must say that the cold season here are cold for italians but during the last year they got warmer (say hi to climate change). I would love to get snow in my city but in Rome snowed six years ago and never did it again 😦

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  3. i’m from pennsylvania and the winters there vary wildly, but i’m in boston for school this season and it’s been so cold! it’s mainly the wind that’s getting to me but oh man. hasn’t even been much snow to make up for it 😦

    also i am just going to keep commenting the same thing on all these posts: i love reading about your study abroad!!!

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    1. OMG Boston is SO COLD! I live in New Hampshire close to the border of Massachusetts so I definitely feel your pain 🙂

      Also, thanks so much, Emma!!! That’s so lovely to hear ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. I love reading these! I guess England is further south than New Hampshire+has the Gulf Stream?? I would love to live somewhere where it properly snows in winter, but most places I’ve lived are just cold with the occasional snowfall lasting just a few days 🙂

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  5. I’m not far from Oxford and it hardly ever snows – this is the first time in years that we’ve had any. We’re all complaining about what a bad winter it’s been! If we do get snow it very rarely sticks. And yes, there’s lots of birds that stick around for the winter and don’t migrate. England is nowhere near as cold as everyone thinks!

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  6. That sounds so lovely! I live in Texas so I don’t experience cold weather very often. We actually got like an inch of snow a couple weeks before Christmas and it was AMAZING!!!! I love the snow!

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  7. Dutch weather is pretty similar to English weather, so our Winter is usually the same as what you’re experiencing in Oxford haha. We did get some snow in December though! I do find it very cold, but I’m easily cold haha. I guess I wouldn’t survive in New Hampshire haha

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  8. I’m having a similar experience here. It’s mostly been above freezing, and we had snow once. (It is below freezing now, though.) But we’ve certainly had a LOT of rain, and I haven’t enjoyed that part. 😂

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