Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: A Break from Romance

Happy Tuesday!! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, meaning it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday love-themed freebie. Instead of talking about my favorite fictional relationships or how I hate love triangles when used as a major plot point, today I’d like to highlight ten books with little to no romance in them. It’s unsettling– though not very surprising– how challenging this list was to create. Why do writers feel as though every single story has to revolve around romance? Aren’t there other aspects of life that can create plots that are just as interesting, entertaining, and captivating? If you’re tired of the love bug this Valentine’s Day, here are some books to check out:

 What books do you like to read around Valentine’s Day? What are your favorite books with little to no romance? What do you think of the ones I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments section below!




41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: A Break from Romance”

  1. I’ve heard from author friends that they’re actually told by publishers that they need to have more romance in their books, at least for YA. So it’s not always a choice on the author’s part, especially if they’re new and trying to break into the market!

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      1. I know! I feel like the publishing industry isn’t always in touch with what readers actually want. (Although I’m sure it’s true that books with romance do sell better.)

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  2. so many of these are going on my TBR!!!!! I’m listening to the Audible book for Book Thief and it’s so beautifully done ❤ another one I love without any romance at all is "The Man Who Was Thursday" by GK Chesterton, it's really weird but also artistic and high-concept, I highly recommend, I think you'd like it! AND YES TO OUTSIDERS!! another Hinton I love is Rumble Fish, she's good about focusing on platonic relationships. ❤ happy valentine's day!!!

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  3. Some good books. I definitely enjoy books where romance might be a background feature but not the key element of the plot and I can do without it completely tbh. It’s odd but I think we’re almost conditioned to expect it so much that when I read a book now I automatically start thinking that the characters will become romantically involved.
    Lynn 😀

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    1. Absolutely! I think we’re also conditioned to expect a heterosexual relationship as well, which is horribly exclusive. As soon as a guy and a girl are introduced, I start to wonder how long it will take them to get together… but why don’t I often think this when two guys or two girls meet?


  4. Great list! The thing about books with little/no romance…you don’t really notice it while you read, do you? Usually, the plot and characters are strong enough that you never feel like you’re missing anything. I think a lot of authors throw romance in just for kicks sometimes, to drive the plot forward or to keep the reader interested. And I do love a good romance, but I don’t usually miss it when it’s gone (or else I create my own headcannon). 🙂

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  5. I would love if fewer books had romance in them, especially when it feels like it has been shoehorned in. When I was going through my read books, I was also surprised at how few books didn’t contain romance as a plot point.

    I loved the Book Thief, the Martian and the Hobbit! Adding romance would have ruined the books a little.

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    1. I completely agree! The worst is when you start reading something that you think will be an action/adventure story but turns out to be more of a romance novel with a different setting… so misleading!


  6. I love this list, it’s so great NOT to spotlight romances books for once, there are so many books with no romance and we always need more. It’s a bit annoying to see so much focus on books with tons of romance in them 🙂 Lovely post! x

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  7. I love your twist on this week’s prompt! It is really difficult to come up with romance free books… I did just read a book called The Witches of New York (and I ADORED it); there was a little romance in it, but the main relationships in the book were female friendships so that was a nice change 🙂

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  8. Great topic! Even though I personally love a good romance, it’s a shame there are so few books out there WITHOUT any romance. There is more to life than that, so books should really cover more as well. LOVED The Book Thief and The Martian.

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  9. I remember being pleasantly surprised that It’s Kind of a Funny Story doesn’t have romance in it when I read it. The back cover really sets it up as if there is going to be one, but then there isn’t, and it’s just fine with me 🙂

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    1. I felt the same way! When he introduced the girl character I thought that they would end up together for sure somehow, but it was a nice change of pace that they didn’t.


  10. i didn’t know how much i needed this post until i saw this post. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO GOOD AT BLOGGING. the book thief and the ocean at the end of the lane and it’s kind of a funny story and animal farm and the martian…all so good. maybe i should just only read books you feature on your blog from here on out??

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