JULY 2018 | Wrap-Up

What’s this? A blog post? For the first time in weeks?! July was a ridiculously busy, hectic month for me, meaning that I was too occupied with other things to have any free time to blog. While I won’t be back to my full blogging self yet (still so much to get done!) I thought it would be nice to do a little wrap-up post in the meantime.

In July I read a total of 4 books:

  1. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
  2. The Problem that Has No Name by Betty Friedan
  3. Create Dangerously by Albert Camus
  4. Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth

As you can see, not much reading progress was made last month; however, I did really enjoy most of what I read (with the exception of Roth…). I think my favorite book of the month was The Problem that Has No Name, mostly because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I finished it. These essays by Friedan are incredibly thought-provoking and empowering–I highly recommend checking them out!

+ MUSIC: This past month I discovered the band Little Chief and have been listening to them nonstop on my commute to and from work. Their music is so relaxing and I love the variety of instruments they utilize. Unfortunately, I don’t think the band is actually together anymore–I’m always late to the party!

+ FOOD: Definitely the blueberry pie my mom baked with the blueberries we picked at a local farm. Picking berries is one of my favorite things to do every summer, especially when the weather is as lovely as it has been recently.

+ PLACE: Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend the day at White Lake State Park, the campground where my family has been going since I was really young. Returning to this lake always feels like returning to some sort of home.

WOW, July was a BUSY month! I spent most of my time working at the nonprofit I work for, and when I wasn’t there I was living and breathing LSAT prep. It’s such a relief to finally be done with this exam! There’s only so many logic games and practice exams you can take before you start to wonder if they’ll ever end…

Once my exam was over, I finally had time to tackle all of the things I’ve been meaning to do all summer: research for my honors thesis, write a draft of my nearly-completed WIP (which I’m BEYOND excited about), choreograph a tap dance for my group’s next show, get ahead on some reading for this upcoming semester… the list goes on and on! Fortunately, I also squeezed in fun days and chats with friends that I haven’t seen in far too long. I’ve missed everyone so much since I was abroad!

Speaking of being abroad… I’ve also spent the last month continuing to transition to being back home from Oxford. I feel much better now than I did at the beginning of the summer, especially since my Wheaton move-in date is approaching so quickly. Who knew that studying abroad would involve so much recovery time?!

 Here are some notable posts from my blog this past month:

How was your month of July? What was the best book you read? Did you do anything really fun or exciting? Let me know in the comments section below!



16 thoughts on “JULY 2018 | Wrap-Up

    1. Goodbye, Columbus was okay–I had to read it for a Philip Roth senior seminar that I’ll be taking this semester… there’s going to be a lot of Philip Roth in my future! I’d definitely recommend Wide Sargasso Sea, though!

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  1. Holly! It’s good to hear from you, it seems like you had such a busy month! Congrats on your exam and YAY for your WIP, that’s amazing news, hopefully we will get to hear more about it soon? I would love to 😀
    I hope you’ll have a lovely August! ❤ ❤


  2. Thanks for posting about LITTLE CHIEF. I hadn’t heard of them, but I put on their artist page on Spotify and have been enjoying. Don’t you hate when you “discover” a “new” band, only to realize they’re no longer together? It has happened to me a few times. I guess it’s a special kind of personal (re)discovery?


  3. It sounds like you’ve had a really lovely July! Lol, I looked at that sign for the campground and went “huh! That looks like state park signs near me!”. 🙃 Forgot whose blog I was reading there for a sec. Camping in NH is the best.

    OMG congrats to your almost finished WIP draft!!!!!


  4. I’m glad you’re doing well transitioning back to life at home… I can’t imagine how hard that must be, because the longest time I’ve been away from home is only two months, max. The lake at White Lake State Park looks so pristine and peaceful, btw! Anyways, it sounds like your July was absolutely lovely, and hopefully your August goes well! 😊


  5. Oh my goodness! I’m impressed at how much time you can carve out to accomplish so many things! Teach me your ways in time management!
    Sounds like you’re having a lovely summer! I hope you’ll be fully recovered from being abroad soon! 🙂

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