Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookish Websites

Happy Tuesday!! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic asks us to share our favorite bookish websites. Here are a few of the ones I frequent often:

Out of Print has such a wide array of clothing and accessories based on beloved literary favorites. I purchased a Great Gatsby sweatshirt from this website a few years ago and I adore it. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for bookish gifts (and maybe even a gift for yourself…).

I love perusing this Litograph’s expansive collection of unique bookish clothing, accessories, and prints. Designs made with words themselves? Sign me up!

Yes, this website really is as amazing as it sounds. Simply enter a book title and it gives you a list of recommendations for titles and even genres that you should read next. Recommendations are based on the website’s database of book lists from readers.

Austenbook is a fictional Facebook wall based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and it is genius.

love Overdrive. While the selection of audio books and ebooks available depends on your local library, it nevertheless is a great way to access books on your phone without having to pay more than a library card fee.

What would a list of bookish websites be without mentioning Goodreads? Not only would book blogging be much more difficult without Goodreads on hand, but my life as a reader would be much different without its incredible cataloging abilities.

Looks like this list won’t quite make the full ten today. What are your favorite bookish websites? Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comments section below!



39 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookish Websites

  1. Oh this is such a wonderful list of websites – What I Should Read Next sounds like such a fantastic resource, I’m definitely checking it out right now 😀 Thank you SO much for sharing!! ❤ And… I love goodreads, I don't know how I'd keep track of what I want to read without it hahaha. 🙂

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