The Cramm Award

Today I bring to you something I had never heard of until recently: the Cramm Award. Thanks so much to Zoie @ Whisked Away By Words for nominating me! Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

  • Include a tidbit about who created this award (theCramm)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun challenge question

+ Keeping a record of my bookish thoughts. This was my original reason for starting a blog years ago–I wanted to keep a record of what I thought about specific books so I could go back and compare later on. Although I post more than solely book reviews nowadays, this is still an important motivation for me.

Writing practice. Writing is something that I love to do, meaning that I’m always looking to improve. Blogging helps me keep my typing fingers at the ready, especially during the summer months when I wouldn’t ordinarily be writing much without classes.

+ The blogging community. By far the most important motivation for me nowadays is the blogging community. I love discussing things in the comments section with you all as well as keeping up to date with what’s going on in your bookish lives.

+ Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books. Marie has always been one of my greatest blogging inspirations. Not only does she always post such thought-provoking discussions, but she’s also incredibly active in the comments sections of other blogs. I aspire to be as kind, thoughtful, and active in the blogging community as Marie!

+ Bridget @ Bridget & Books. This blog is definitely my aesthetic inspiration. I absolutely adore the design of Bridget’s blog, from her beautiful photos to the insightful structure of her book reviews.

+ Shanti & Shar @ Virtually Read. These lovely bookworms are some of my oldest blogging pals and I aspire to be as wonderful as they are. Their comments always brighten my day, as do their creative, thoughtful posts. 

One thing I hope to do that will improve the world? That’s a tall order! I suppose I’d just like to be as supportive of people as I can. A teacher once told me that brightening our own corner of the world in turn brightens the entire world–I’d like to believe that this is at least a bit true!

If your life’s story was magically kept in a detailed journal, would you rather 1) be able to read about your past at any time to reflect on your life, or 2) have the ability to write in the blank pages of your future to control what will happen? You can only choose one option!

I would definitely choose the first option–the mere thought of being able to control my future stresses me out already!

  • YOU!

Thanks again to Zoie for nominating me! What are your answers to these questions? What do you think of mine? Let me know in the comments section below!



16 Replies to “The Cramm Award”

  1. Awww thank you Holly. I’ve been really struggling how to figure out how uni and blogging fit together this year so it means so much that you say this. I adore your blog, too, you’re so reflective and always want me to read things that I wouldn’t normally. And j might do this post if I need some blogging content soon ♥️♥️📚📚

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  2. Awww Holly thank you so, so much, what a bright light in my day, thank you so much for your sweet words and for thinking of me, this means the world ❤ ❤ ❤ The blogging community definitely plays a big part in keeping me going, that's for sure ❤ ❤

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  3. This was a really cool tag! And I really liked the inspirations section. I hadn’t heard of any of those bloggers before, but definitely following all three of them now! So thank you for sharing their awesomeness in your fantastic post!

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  4. This is such a cute award! Congrats on your nomination. Your motivations to blog are definitely relatable. Blogging is a great way to catalog your thoughts and to maintain a record of them so that you can reference them later. I often find myself reading my old reviews. It’s also a great way to see how much my writing has changed over time and how I approach certain topics. Plus, the blogging community is so wonderful. I’ve had a hard time getting back into the groove of blogging but the anticipation of communicating with my fellow bloggers encourages me to keep trying. I’ve just discovered Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books but I’m so inspired by her. I really hope to be as active and thoughtful as she is, too! Wonderful post, Holly! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Azia!! I completely agree with all of your points–sometimes I wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t blogging… my love for literature certainly wouldn’t be as great as it is now! 🙂

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  5. Hi Holly! I loved reading your answers to this tag so much! I have to agree with you on your answer to the challenge question — thinking too much about the future stresses me out too, but I’d love to be able to have a detailed record of my past so that I can sit down, read, and reflect on what I’ve experienced. 😊

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