Say hello to my typewriter!

Ever since I was younger I wanted a typewriter. For some reason I have a thing for machines that produce direct, tangible results. If you know my in person, then you’re probably well aware of my love of polaroids–my infatuation with typewriters falls along those same lines. I adore the idea of creating something beautiful–a classically elegant typed document–as you write it. As the daughter of a woman with a passion for all things old and antique, I also grew up with an appreciation for aged objects instilled in me. It is with this eagerness and hopefulness that I searched high and low for my golden opportunity in each and every antique store my mother and I visited over the years, but to no avail. Most typewriters I came across didn’t work, and the ones that actually did function usually cost a pretty penny. Alas! I seemed destined to never type upon a typewriter of my very own.

That is, until a few years ago when I finally found exactly what I had been searching for all that time: a functioning, affordable typewriter. A new Savers had opened up a few towns over from where I lived, and my mom and I went one day just to see the sorts of things they had in stock. As we meandered to the back of the store, my mom pointed out this beauty to me on a shelf in the corner. It wasn’t the most cool-looking antique typewriter, and we would have to buy ink for it online, but the tag said it worked so I took a gamble and purchased it.

What a good decision that was! The typewriter works seamlessly, and the ink is pretty easy to get online. It even has a nifty spell check feature, giving a little beep! whenever you spell a word wrong. The only downside to this typewriter is that it’s fairly large, so I can’t bring it with me when I move out each semester. As a result, I haven’t used it nearly as much as I would like.

However, I’ve been determined to change that streak this summer. Some of you may know that I regularly keep a journal, a sort of blend between traditional pen on paper writing and scrapbooking. This summer I’ve decided to write the majority of my journal entries using my typewriter. Not only is this fun (I love the loud clack clack clack it makes whenever I press on the keys) but it’s also a great way to get a lot of use out of it before I move out for law school in August and have to leave my beloved typewriter behind in my bedroom at home. Plus, I think it adds a really lovely touch to my journal pages!

Do you have a typewriter? Have you ever used one? Do you have a gadget like this that you’ve adored for ages? Let me know in the comments section below!



33 thoughts on “Say hello to my typewriter!

  1. A friend of mine who is a typewriter collector once sent me (as a surprise!) a tiny Brother brand manual typewriter. I’ve used it, though it needs a tune-up which I can’t quite afford right now. No correction, no beeps, no plug: what you press is what you get. No power assist either, which is why it needs the tune-up: the action has stiffened up over its years in storage.

    It was a delight to open the box and find a baby-blue typewriter inside. And it turns out there’s a typewriter repairman just a few blocks from my house, in a tiny cluttered storefront on a dingy street, just as you’d expect.

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    1. A typewriter repairman? That’s such an interesting job! And pretty surprising that he’s still in business these days–but I’m glad that’s the case!


  2. Oh man, I want a typewriter SO BADLY but I guess I’m not as dedicated about looking for one! I really love your idea about journaling and scrapbooking as one. I’ve never been super creative with scrappy type things, but when I was in high school I used to print out pictures I took on my digital camera and tape them into my notebook. Reading this post has made me a bit inspired to change up my routine with how I keep a journal. And maybe I’ll be brave and go looking for a typewriter!! Thanks for sharing this inspiration! ❤

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    1. Oooh so glad this post could help!! Journaling and scrapbooking is so much fun–hope you enjoy it if you try it! I’d love to see some photos of your pages if you do 🙂

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  3. When I was a kid, I got second place in the regional spelling bee and one of my prizes was an electronic typewriter. I used it a lot back in the day. Even typed my first novel out on it. I don’t have it any more. But I do do my attic notebook by hand every day.

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    1. I don’t have a specific kind of paper that I use–mostly just notebook/journal pages that I’ve ripped out. I’ve been using moleskine ones lately and I really love how they look.


  4. Super cool! I’ve also always wanted a typewriter. I’ve always thought they were fun to use and I honestly just really love the sounds it makes lol my grandpa had one that was half-working when I was a kid, but now it’s (unfortunately) gone to rust 😦

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