Should I keep blogging?

I first started blogging when I was in eighth grade. Back then I was fourteen years old and just wanted a space online where I could write book reviews. I had no idea a whole community of book bloggers existed, a little corner of the internet enthralled by discussing literature. I’ve since gone back and found that first blog of mine, and boy is it so cringe-y. Nevertheless, I love going back and looking at those early posts every once in a while. They remind me of why I started blogging in the first place, of my deeply entrenched love of reading and writing about those reading experiences.

Flash forward eight years, and here we are. I’m twenty-two years old. Since eighth grade I’ve graduated from high school, graduated from college, and am now starting my first semester of law school. I’ve studied abroad for a year and written an honors thesis. I’ve read so many books and written so many posts and have had so many lovely conversations with fellow bookworms through this blog. I’ve started a bookstagram, hosted twitter sprints in this past Reading Rush, and am so much more involved in the blogging community than I ever thought I would be eight years ago. And I’ve absolutely adored every second of it.

When graduated high school, people asked me if I would continue blogging throughout college. My answer was an immediate “of course!” I would be studying English literature and reading so many books for classes–what better time to be a book blogger? But after graduating college this past May, the question came up again, this time internally. I wouldn’t be reading novels for class anymore; instead, I would be reading cases and writing legal briefs and very, very busy trying to adjust to Real Life. Would I have time to blog in law school? Would I have the energy to blog in law school? Is this something I want to continue?

The answer? Yes, of course I will continue blogging. 

This week marks my first week of law school. Will I logistically have time to blog as much as I’m used to? Definitely not. But this blog is something I love. It’s been part of me for so long that I just can’t fathom giving it up now. I’ve worked my @$$ off this summer scheduling so many posts in advance, anticipating a long period of not having much free time to write new posts once the semester gets up and running. I’ve made it work with classes and homework in the past, and I’m determined to keep it up in the future. I can’t promise any specific frequency or blog hopping activity, but I’ll be here. And I’m so, so excited. 

Have you ever gotten to a point in a busy time of your life when you wonder if you should continue blogging? What makes you stick with it? Let me know your story in the comments section below!



22 thoughts on “Should I keep blogging?

  1. Law school alum here. You’ve probably heard this much by now, but you NEED these side outlets for mind and soul; to sort of keep in touch with who you are. Blog to keep yourself happy; and when you can’t get to the blog, don’t worry about it. it will still be here when you can. Have a fantastic law school experience! I’m going to enjoy your law school posts.

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  2. Good luck at law school – I know how intense it can be and I’m so pleased you’re going to continue blogging! And well done planning plenty posts in advance – I’m terrible at that! 🙈 It will probably end up being a nice break from university even if you can’t blog as much as you do now 😊💛


  3. I’m glad you’ve decided to continue blogging. Good luck with law school!

    There have been times when I’ve taken breaks from blogging due to other things going on in my life, but I always return to it after a while. 🙂


  4. LOVE! DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!! Honestly, it’s your choice … but I would be so sad to see you go!

    I’ve definitely pondered how long I will blog for. Right now, I honestly don’t see a reason to end … especially since I don’t see myself having children and I don’t even know if I want to get married. I’ll have LOTS of free time. But even if I changed my mind about those things, I think I would still continue … a lot of bloggers have families and still have time to do all of it.

    Lovely post, darlin’.


  5. Before I started Law School many people said how difficult it would be, how busy I’d be studying, reading, etc. And while it might be true to an extent, I still had lots of free time. I feel like I have way less time now that I’m working fulltime at a law firm than when I was studying.
    The extra hours at work are slowly taking over my life 😀


  6. I can’t believe you’ve been blogging since 8th grade. We didn’t have a computer in my house when I was in 8th grade. A few years later, though, we did score ourselves some AOL dial up and boy-howdy, how life changed! That screeching, robot-humping connection sound is the siren song of my people.


  7. ahh, I really loved this post!! I can’t believe that you’ve been blogging for EIGHT YEARS?! Wow, that’s a feat!

    I love how honest and raw you were in this post. And as a full time-student, I could really relate to it. School just sucks up so much time sometimes, and sadly, it’s impossible to just be able to blog and read all day.

    Starting law school is no easy thing, and I commend you for keeping your blog going even though your work load will be busy. I plan to schedule a hell of a lot of posts in my future breaks too–I hope you were able to do that this summer! Best of luck with law school 💗


  8. I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue! ❤ I hope you have a great time in Law school, and keep sharing bits of your life and readings ^^
    I often ask myself if I should keep blogging. Every time a new semester starts, I find myself busy with school work and academic activities and even though I promise myself this time will be different, it never is. I always lose myself in the chaos. The worst part is that I barely see my blog growing, and that really unmotivates me to make the effort. As usual before going back to school, I'm planning on keeping a decent posting schedule, but I'm not keeping high expectations … Even though I'm leaving my academic groups behind, which mess less work, I'll want to explore while studying abroad, so I'm not sure how to balance everything. :/


  9. Oh god I got scared for a minute when I saw this blog post’s title and started reading. I’m so, so happy you’re going to keep on blogging, no matter the rhythm, whether or not you’ll be blog hopping or not at all, I’ll always, always look forward to hearing from you. It’s incredible that you have been blogging for so many years and still feel that motivation and that happiness doing it all, I admire that so much. You’ll do amazing in law school, sending you all the positive vibes and love ❤


  10. This is such a great post, Holly! I’m so glad that you’ll be continuing to blog. There have been numerous times in my life when I wondered if I should continue blogging. I actually had a blog several years back (I believe I started it when I was 14), and it unfortunately only lasted a little over 4-5 months. My current blog has been running strong for nearly two years now, and even though I don’t have a very large amount of time to dedicate to it when I get busy, I can’t fathom ever giving it up entirely! ❤


  11. I read this title and had a freak out thinking you’ve decided to stop blogging! 😂 Wonderful post, Holly! It’s so admirable how you’ve continued blogging for so long. I used to have a personal blog for years and then stopped when the motivation died. You’re definitely blogging goals 😉 All the best with law school and keep kicking ass!!! 🙌🏽

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