5 Reasons to Read THE PATH MADE CLEAR by Oprah Winfrey

In her latest book, The Path Made Clear, Oprah shares what she sees as a guide for activating your deepest vision of yourself, offering the framework for creating not just a life of success, but one of significance. The book’s ten chapters are organized to help you recognize the important milestones along the road to self-discovery, laying out what you really need in order to achieve personal contentment, and what life’s detours are there to teach us.


To be honest, I didn’t even know that The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey existed until I stumbled upon it while scrolling through the Libby app. It was short and seemed like it would be entertaining, so I decided to give it a go. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Here are 5 reasons why I recommend it:

1. The audiobook is fantastic.

The audiobook contains snippets of interviews from all the people Oprah quotes in this book. Not only is it really fun to hear all the different voices and personalities, but it also shows that some books actually may work better in audio form than on paper. Would highly recommend listening to the audiobook!

2. Nostalgia.

I grew up listening to the enthusiastic, comforting voice of Oprah chatting away on the television in the kitchen when I got home from school every day. Listening to Oprah narrate this audiobook was a major blast from the past.

3. Insight into Oprah’s life.

If you’re at all a nosy person, then this book will be right up your alley. Oprah shares some insight into why she made certain decisions as well as how she’s felt about the media at certain times in her life. I enjoyed catching up on what Oprah has been up to since I was twelve years old.

4. Diversity of opinions and people.

Oprah seeks advice from people of all backgrounds: she quotes actresses, singers, writers, religious leaders, doctors, and friends in this book. Ans despite this wide variety of outlooks, the book nevertheless feels cohesive due to the common thread running through it.

5. Empowering and inspirational.

That common thread is a sense of empowerment, a feeling of optimism in the face of adversity. Part of that is based on religion–although I am not religious at all and I still enjoyed this book. Is it cheesy at times? Yes. But it’s still a great read if you’re ever in the mood for a little cheering up.

Overall, I enjoyed The Path Made Clear a lot more than I was expecting to. Sometimes the books you randomly stumble across end up being exactly the book you needed to read.

Have you ever read this book before? What’s the last great book you randomly stumbled across? Let me know in the comments section below!



6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Read THE PATH MADE CLEAR by Oprah Winfrey

  1. This sounds like a great little surprise for you to have read. Glad you enjoyed it. I think the last book I stumbled upon accidentally was a book by Ruby Wax all about mindfulness, it was so funny but also great at dealing with mind curiosities. xxx

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