A little update…

Hello, lovely people! It’s been a while since I last took a peek at this blog. As you may have read in my recent post about scheduling posts,Β all of the posts that you’ve been reading for the past few months were written and scheduled in advance over the summer in anticipation of me entering my first semester of law school. I haven’t actually been able to keep up with reading other blog posts or responding to comments because I’ve been so busy with school, and I’ve missed it so much.

But the semester has finally come to an end! I’m on winter break for the next glorious three weeks, and I’m determined to get some solid blogging in. Over the next few weeks I’ll be responding to as many comments as I can, reading as much as I can, and scheduling as many posts in advance as I can. I’m so excited to get back into blogging!

I would to know what you’ve been up to lately! In the comments, let me know what you’ve been reading lately, what book you’re most looking forward to finishing before the end of 2019, what book you hope you receive for Christmas… any and all bookish updates!

Hope you’re all doing well ❀



27 thoughts on “A little update…

  1. Hey! I just read The 7,5 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle, which is groundhog day meets agatha christie (would recommend!) and I’m currently reading The Friend by Sigrid Nunez about a woman who suddenly inherits a great dane from a friend who died & how he helps her deal with her grief. Very beautiful. I hope you have a lovely break & merry christmas!

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  2. I hope you’ll get some blogging done but also rest during your break! I’m also planning to stay productive during my two weeks off work, but I know that I also need to rest a bit before the next year starts, as it’s going to be veeery busy πŸ˜€

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  3. Hope you have a good break! Appreciate how it sounds like you’re able to be kind to yourself about not blogging as much during law school while allowing yourself to come back to it when it feels okay for you.


  4. I’m a bit late to the party! I hope you’re enjoying your break ^^ I’m not quite done with the semester yet so these holidays didn’t really feel like so, and now I’m back in Germany for my last month abroad. I’ve just finished reading “Little Women” and spent the day sleeping, eating, reading, watching youtube, and now I’ll blog hop a bit … I woke up sick so I didn’t really feel like studying – which I should start very soon, regardless. Happy January πŸ˜€

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