Top Ten Tuesday: Things online bookworms do that are weird

Happy Tuesday!! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is technically to share books on our TBRs that we predict will be 5-star reads. As I was reading that topic, I started thinking… when you take a step back, isn’t some of the things we do as bookworms online sort of strange? Whenever I try to explain this bookish online community to people who aren’t part of it they usually give me a look like “and you do this, why, exactly?” Today, inspired by the actual Top Ten Tuesday topic, I would like to share ten things that online bookworms do that are weird. 

Disclaimer: WEIRD doesn’t mean BAD. Don’t worry–I do many of these things and LOVE doing them. 

1. Predicting 5-Star Reads. Let’s start with the thing that inspired this entire post, shall we? This is a rather new trend in the online bookish community and, although I’ve never done it, I can see it’s appeal… and how it is rather odd. What is the point of trying to predict which books we’ll give 5 stars? There may be many reasons, but I think the most important one is that it’s fun.

2. Book Hauls/Un-Hauls. I think it’s natural that people would want to share the new books they have received. What is a bit weird is that we all love hearing about it so much. I can’t even tell you the number of book haul videos I’ve watched. So. Many.

A book I loved in 2019.

3. Reading Journals. Some bookworms have entire journals dedicated to tracking their reading, making beautiful journal spreads about what they read, and making goals about what they’d like to read in the future. I think these journals are so cool. But you have to admit that they serve a pretty arbitrary function in some instances–Goodreads is a pretty good paperless option for tracking reading, and it’s a lot quicker.

4. Bookish Debates. Paperback or hardcover? Dog-earing pages using bookmarks? Annotating books or keeping them in pristine condition? Bookworms love rehashing these old debates over and over again online. And you know what? I’ll never get tired of hearing the same responses.

As you can see, I’m a fan of annotating.

5. Making TBR Lists. Perhaps making lists of what you’d like to read next is helpful if they help you read more or stay on track. But, if you’re anything like me, you never actually stick to your TBR lists–yet every single season and every single new year I automatically create one, as though it is some sort of seasonal habit.

6. Bookshelf Tours. I love watching bookshelf tours. But why? Is it because I’m looking for inspiration? Or maybe I’m just nosey? Regardless, I think it is a bit odd that we all love seeing each other’s bookshelves so much. 

books books books

7. Read-a-thons. One of the highlights of my summer each year is participating in the Reading Rush, which is a giant week-long read-a-thon. But why do I love stressing myself out by trying to read as much as possible for an entire week and tracking my progress publicly? A good question.

8. Bookstagram! This may be the weirdest one of all. Whenever I tell one of my friends about my bookstagram they often end up saying, very slowly: “You take pictures of… books?” I’ve gotten many a weird look from passerby while taking a quick bookish photo out in public. But sometimes you see that perfect backdrop and you just HAVE TO.

I took this photo during the Reading Rush this past summer… it’s one of my favorites!!

9. Guilt for not reading. So many bookworms talk about feeling guilty or disappointed in themselves for not reaching their Goodreads goal or the many challenges that they said they would do at the beginning of the New Year. But as long as you’re enjoying what you read, does it really matter?

10. This post?? Now things are just getting wild.

I guess the answer to why we do all of these weird things is simple: because we enjoy doing them! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What are some weird bookish things that you do? What do you think about the things on my list? Let me know in the comments section below!



49 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: Things online bookworms do that are weird”

  1. Excellent post. I thought most of those things were normal. LOLOL I think the people who don’t do them are the weird ones. 🙂 I don’t have book gult, or do a couple of other thing but they still makes sense, just not my personality. This was a lot of fun.

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  2. Lol we are a weird bunch for all things bookish. 🙂
    My friends certainly think me doing book hauls, or just taking a bunch of pics of books, is weird.
    Btw, I love bookshelf tours too!

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  3. Ahaha I love this post! Some of them I totally do and I swear I would have thought I was crazy in the past like predicting 5 star reads and having debates over which type of reading is better. Also ngl some of them I still think are weird like making tbrs lmao I’m such a mood reader I don’t even try anymore and aesthetic reading journals I’m lazy af I could never… but I’m still in awe of people who do do these things so yeah I’m totally weird and we all are and I love it

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  4. I think non-bookish people must think bookshelf tours are weird, but to me it’s like when I visit someone’s house and the first thing I look at is their bookshelves. It tells me so much about them.

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  5. Meta…
    I did a video like this, specifically about my weird Booktube behaviour.
    The 5 star thing is weird to me too, but more because… that means… some, or even most, of your books, you are predicting *less than* 5 stars. So why read anything *but* your 5 star predictions? You know?
    I take your point about reading journals, but I would say, at least my journal isn’t surveilled by Amazon 😉 Joke’s on me though, because I use a Google sheet which is surveilled by Google.

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  6. ahhh yes, I can relate to your list a lot! most times I just won’t share with people that I have my blog, because I know they’d think this xD surprisingly, I don’t really watch book hauls (must be an exception) but I LOVE seeing other people’s bookshelves ehehe

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  7. This is just great! When I first started hearing about bookstagram, I also found it weird but heyy we also have foodstagram, dogstagram, and studygram so why not have a community for books? 😉 I don’t have and don’t plan to have any account on my own, but I do love scrolling through the tags!

    I also love bookshelves tour, hauls and unhauls videos/post! ❤

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  8. Honestly, I given up on trying to explain the strange ways of a book lover to non-readers. I either avoid talking about the strange habits I have, or when I mention it I go, “I’m aware you’ll find this strange….” I think that’s part of what makes the bookish community so great. You’re surrounded by people that understand what it is about TBRs, book hauls, and a classic harcover vs paperback debate, that make them so great, even though it’s something that’s really difficult to put into words. The bookish community just understands!

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