NOVEMBER 2017 | Wrap-Up

Happy December!! We are now in the middle of my two favorite months of the year: chilly November and festive December (though my November was also incredibly festive!). November has been a whirlwind of travel, celebrations, work, and more work. Now that term has officially ended for me (woo hoo!) I'm really looking forward to … Continue reading NOVEMBER 2017 | Wrap-Up

NOVEMBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

One of my favorite months has come to a close, only to see the beginning of my favorite time of the year: the holiday season! But before we break out the Christmas lights and put up the tree (oops! Too late...) it's time for my November 2016 Monthly Wrap-Up. Here's what I've been up to … Continue reading NOVEMBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

on turning eighteen.

Today is my eighteenth birthday!   It's so strange. I remember being in kindergarten thinking that I would never be twelve or thirteen years old, and then in middle school wondering if time would ever pass fast enough for me to turn sixteen and get my driver's license. And now I'm a legal adult! A … Continue reading on turning eighteen.


Happy birthday Hank Green! I hope your special day is filled with awesomeness! For those of you who don't know who Hank Green is, you can go to his website by clicking here.¬†Be sure to check out his Youtube¬†channel (the Vlogbrothers) which he does with his brother, John Green. (Yes, his brother John Green is … Continue reading IT’S HANKO DE MAYO!!!!

Abraham Lincoln: A History

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Just like the saying goes he was born in a log cabin, and as a child he enjoyed reading. Eventually Lincoln became a lawyer after working as a shopkeeper, a postmaster, and a store owner, among other things. He was elected in 1834 to … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln: A History