The Bookish Naughty List Tag

Long time, no see! It's been a while since I last posted something (since Halloween?!), but I'm here today with a festive tag to jump back into things. Norees @ No Reads Too Great tagged me in the Bookish Naughty List Tag, which I had never seen before. Let's get right to it! Read an… Continue reading The Bookish Naughty List Tag

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookish Websites

Happy Tuesday!! Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic asks us to share our favorite bookish websites. Here are a few of the ones I frequent often: http://www.outofprintclothing.com Out of Print has such a wide array of clothing and accessories based on beloved literary favorites. I purchased a Great Gatsby sweatshirt from this website a few years… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookish Websites


Goodreads Book Tag | 2

There's nothing quite like hearing a new friend say, "Wait, you're on Goodreads, too?!" I've used Goodreads for years and it's definitely my preferred way of tracking what I read. You can imagine my excitement when I learned I had been tagged in the Goodreads Book Tag-- two of my favorite things rolled into one!… Continue reading Goodreads Book Tag | 2


Goodreads Book Tag

I first joined Goodreads in December of 2010, which means that I've been an active member for SEVEN YEARS. When I first discovered that such a website even existed I was ecstatic-- finally, a place to connect with other people about BOOKS. Today I am still a loyal Goodreads user, so you can imagine how… Continue reading Goodreads Book Tag

Bookish, Discussion

Do we prioritize “shareable” reading? | Discussion

As you can probably tell from some of my previous discussion posts, I get a lot of my inspiration from Rosianna Halse Rojas, one of my favorite Youtubers. Early in March she posted a video called "The Currency of Sharing" in which she discusses our frequent desire to share everything we do online. Even more… Continue reading Do we prioritize “shareable” reading? | Discussion

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books on Goodreads

Happy Tuesday! This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is an interesting and important one: Underrated Books on Goodreads. At times it feels as though the only books that ever get to spend time in the spotlight are those with tens of thousands of ratings on Goodreads; however, there are plenty of fantastic books that have less that… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books on Goodreads


my reading statistics: 2014

Hello, lovely readers! Today I'd like to share my 2014 reading statistics, gathered largely with the help of marvelous Goodreads. I think it's interesting to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what I read, and now is an ideal time to do just that! In 2014 I read 75 books,… Continue reading my reading statistics: 2014

more books

more books: I actually won something

Hello everyone! I thought I'd update you all on some new books I acquired this month. The first three I bought on my own, the first two from Barnes & Noble and the third from this cute little independent bookstore Bennington, Vermont. There aren't many independent bookstores where I live, but fortunately this one was… Continue reading more books: I actually won something