Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Cheer You Up on Valentine’s Day

Happy Tuesday!! This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is a love freebie, so I've decided to do a classic Valentine's Day themed post. However, instead of listing books about romantic relationships, I'm sharing ten eight books to cheer you up on Valentine's Day. This strange holiday isn't always all … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Cheer You Up on Valentine’s Day

More Than “Just” Love Stories | Discussion

It often seems as though the romance genre has gotten a bad reputation as being merely "fluff" and lacking substance. Many romance novels are considered pure entertainment reading only; in other words, there is nothing between the book's covers that could possibly educate, enlighten, or challenge the reader in any way. Don't get me wrong-- … Continue reading More Than “Just” Love Stories | Discussion

My Problem with Valentine’s Day

Before I begin, let's just get one thing out of the way:┬áthis is not a rant about how commercialized/meaningless Valentine's Day has become.┬áThat argument has basically taken over Valentine's Day, and there is so much discussion about it that I hardly think I need to chime in. Instead, my problem with Valentine's Day lies with … Continue reading My Problem with Valentine’s Day

the fantastical world of shipping

It's Valentine's Day, everyone! In honor of this holiday (which I happen to think is a bit too commercialized, but that's a topic for a different day) I am going to talk about the fine art of shipping. For those of you new to this, I do not mean shipping like boating or mailing packages. … Continue reading the fantastical world of shipping

Valentine’s Day: A History

Every year on February 14, people in the United States rush around buying their romantic interests chocolates, flowers, cards, and other gifts. It is a holiday that teenage girls dream longingly about, while at the same time causing teenage boys to cringe. Children often give each other Valentine's Day cards in school, and decorate their … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: A History