Looking Back at 2018

Every year for the past few years (2015, 2016, 2017) I’ve made one of these posts, and each year I’m even more surprised by how much can be packed into just twelve months.

2018 was a whirlwind year. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the first half of it was spent in magical Oxford, England, traveling and studying and making memories that I will always, always fondly look back on with immense gratitude. While the transition back home was far from easy–I missed everyone and everything from my time at Oxford so dearly–it was made a thousand times better thanks to endless support from friends and family. Senior year at Wheaton has turned out to be more exciting, eye-opening, and formative than I ever expected. I found a true sense of belonging in 2018, something I feel as though I had been lacking for a long time.

2018 was also a year of countless firsts. I traveled to so many new places for the first time, from Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, and Mondsee abroad to new mountains and cities back home in the States. I began traveling by myself more for the first time here, more comfortable with venturing off on my own. I had my first (and thankfully only) abroad allergic reaction and my first allergic reaction to occur at Wheaton, but survived them both and bounced back with the help and kind words of those around me. I finished my first semester as a college senior and have begun to confront the terrifying, exciting fact that this is it. I took the LSAT, applied to law schools, and got accepted to law schools for the first time. Never before have I felt so validated academically, like all of my hard work over the years has finally, finally paid off. It’s an amazing, incredible feeling.

2018 taught me many things, but above all I learned balance. I feel as though I’ve finally found a sort of equilibrium between friends, family, work, school, looking towards the future, reflecting on the past, and finding time to do the things that make me happy. It’s not a perfect balance, but something tells me that’s not truly possible to achieve. For now, I’m content with the balance I’ve struck.

2018 was far from flawless; there were many rough patches and turbulent waters, but somehow it all skyrocketed to an amazing end of the year. I know 2019 will be a year of huge transition for me–graduating college, entering law school, figuring out what my path forward looks like–but I’m happy knowing that 2018 set me up as best it could with unforgettable memories, challenging new experiences, and a better support network of friends and family than I could have ever asked for.

Thanks to everyone who made 2018 so wonderful; I hope I can return the favor in 2019. Happy New Year!!

How was your 2018? Highlights? Things you overcame? Let me know in the comments section below!



38 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2018

  1. aaah Holly sounds like you have been finding a lot of resilence and capability. Good on you! like you I had sooo many first this year with starting living and going to university in New Zealand. I think I’ve felt like I belong in unexpected ways too. And congratualtions on the law school acceptances! I think the best parts of this year were gettnig to work in indonesia with my dad and going to China and going hiking with Shar. I’ve also had so many good conversations with lots of different people this year. Also, meeting Kaveh Akbar was amazing–I stil hyperventilate when I think about it lol!

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    1. Oooh sounds like you had a great year as well!! Congrats on starting uni and living in New Zealand–that sounds like such an amazing adventure. I hope you have a lovely 2019!! ❤


  2. Eek, having an allergic reaction abroad (or anywhere) must have been terrifying! I’m so glad you’re okay. 💚
    It’s great that you’ve learned to balance your life. (Teach me your ways? Haha) I hope you have an amazing 2019. 😊

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    1. Yeah it was not the most fun night of my life, that’s for sure! But I got through it, so I guess that’s all that matters. 🙂 Haha I wish I could teach you my ways–I barely understand them myself!

      Happy New Year!!

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  3. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished in 2018, Holly, that’s incredible and I am so thrilled about your law school acceptance, that’s amazing I hope 2019 will be just as incredible for you, I’m sending you tons of love ❤

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  4. It sounds like 2018 was a wonderful year for you. Congrats on getting into law school! That’s awesome!

    2018 was overall a year of growth for me I think. I made some changes career wise. The definite highlight was publishing my first novel!

    I hope that your 2019 is full of new experiences, joy and accomplishments.

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  5. What a year you’ve had! I am so glad you found a sense of belonging. It always felt to me that mine were not where I was, and that going away made me feel more like home sometimes. Now I know more about myself and where (rather, with whom and doing what) I belong. I hope 2019 will be a positive year for you, Holly!

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  6. 2018 sounds like it was an amazing year! Huge congratulations for getting into law school.

    All the travel sounds fantastic! I’m very jealous. It feels so good to travel alone and realise that, actually, you’re okay and you can cope. I went to Amsterdam by myself for a few days back in September and it was such an amazing experience. It felt so good to just wake up every day and think I could do whatever I felt like doing, no questions asked.

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  7. Ahhh congrats on law school! In NZ it’s usually a 5 year degree where you get in after first year but t=wow well done for surviving!


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