Done with my English major?!?!

It’s done! I graduated from Wheaton with a BA in English!

It’s a strange feeling, being done with my English major after so many years of looking forward to and working towards it. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity to dive into the study of literature, especially for an intensive year at the University of Oxford. I took classes in so many different kinds of literature. I wrote an Honors Thesis over the course of an academic year. I had the support of amazing professors who are as kind as they are brilliant. And I will miss every second of it.

But the great thing about being an English major is that you never really stop being one; in a way, I feel as though I’ll always be a student of literature. I think that’s part of the reason why I started this blog in the first place so many years ago, and why I aim on continuing to update it as I enter this new chapter (yes, pun definitely intended) of my life. Just because I’ve earned my degree doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading books, thinking critically about them, or staying in tune with new perspectives and ways of looking at them. And what’s a major without the other people involved? Whose to say that librarians, past professors, friends, family, and fellow bloggers can’t also be my “classmates” in this endeavor?

So this is to say that although I’m going to law school and although I’m technically done being an English major, I’m not leaving that part of me behind. Instead, it will just take a bit of a different form.


What sorts of feelings did you experience when you completed your English degree? How do you continue to keep bookishness in your life beyond the classroom? Let me know in the comments section below!



45 thoughts on “Done with my English major?!?!

  1. Hi Holly, congratulations! I, too, was an English major. I’ll admit that other than my love for reading books, I lost my way for a little bit. However a few years ago I discovered this world of book blogging, wrote a YA novel, and rediscovered my love for writing. So you’re right, it’s always with you! Have fun in law school!

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  2. Congrats, love!! I’m so proud of you!! When I finished, it was this bittersweet feeling. I was excited since I knew I wanted to go for my MLIS afterwards, but it was strange to not be in school with my friends learning about so many things. I love learning … I love school … I could be a permanent student ha-ha. But I love how ALL the things I learned I was able to take with me and apply it all to my life now … even my blog!

    I also loved having more free time to read my own books. With the degree, i stopped reading my own books a lot — with psychology, criminology, and other stuff … there was just no time. It was this fact that made me start Bookmark Your Thoughts … to help me read again.

    I love hearing peoples’ stories about their undergrad experiences, especially other English Majors!

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    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! ❤ I can so relate to your point about having no time to read as a student–which is ironic, because it seems like all I DID was read! But there's such a difference between reading monographs and articles for classes and picking up an old favorite novel. I'm really looking forward to reading for fun this summer!

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      1. I know eh?! It was the downfall of reading so much for school that I didn’t get to read for, well, me! It’s brutal. Thank gosh I had a lot of awesome books to read for my degree, but I just wanted ONCE in a while to choose my own. Oh yes … summer reading times!

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  3. Congratulations! That’s so amazing!

    Recently, my boss has been trying to convince me to do technical writing for our company, and he keeps throwing out the “but you have an English degree” card, and I’m always like, “yes, I studied dead white European men, not sure how that helps you.” It’s a struggle sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade my degrees for anything in the world.

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  4. This is exactly how I felt when I graduated with my English degree! I miss it so much, and I fully intend on going back for my Master’s. I just want to keep being in school, I love it so much. I actually use my blog as a way to stay connected to my major. I’ve been slacking (a lot), but when I am involved with it, I’m so happy to be finding ways to analyze and talk about books.

    Congrats on your graduation, and good luck in law school! 🎉

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    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 I feel the same way about using a blog to stay connected to my major. I feel like blogs are a great way to do that without feeling like there’s too much pressure on top of other life responsibilities.


  5. I, too, write about books on my blog which is my way of continuing to discuss books. I love how my English major opened up so many doors for me in ways one would not expect. It’s helped me to see, not just books, but many other aspects of life through different viewpoints. And it has also expanded my writing and encouraged me to pursue my blog and a career in journalism. 💕

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    1. I’m so glad you love your English major too!! I honestly think it’s one of the best majors out there, despite what stereotypes/some people may say. There are just so many different ways to use it, and it offers so much!

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  6. This is amazing to see! I’m also doing an English Major and I’m currently a senior so I completely get how overwhelming it must be that you finally got through the piles of research papers and endless novels.
    What are your plans now, once you’ve graduated?

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    1. It was a wild time! I’m working this summer at the nonprofit I’ve worked at for a few years now and then I’ll start up law school in the fall… should be an interesting time!!

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