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Reading plans for spring

As springtime approaches, I look up from my dense winter books and set out in search of something lighter, something airy. Birdsong is gradually increasing in volume and melody in the mornings. Night starts later and later as the sun steals a bit more time away from the moon. Each day I feel closer to being able to read on my balcony again.

In an effort to match my reading to the mood of the season, here are a few of my spring reading plans.

1. Dip back into Devotion and Upstream by Mary Oliver.

Mary Oliver’s writing feels specifically crafted for springtime. Devotion, a gorgeous and poignant poetry collection, and Upstream, an insightful and striking essay collection, have been part of my spring reading ritual for a few years now. They offer a valuable reminder that grounding ourselves in nature is always worthwhile.

2. Travel through pages.

Spring is when I start to feel restless, eager to travel beyond the circle in which I work and live and explore again and again. I’d love to read about faraway places in the coming months and get some ideas for future travel. At the moment I’m reading My Life in France by Julia Child, and it’s so lovely immersing myself in her world of Parisian streets and bustling kitchens.

3. Read outside as much as possible.

Despite the slow and steady arrival of spring, it’s still cold and slightly wintery where I live. Still, I’d love to sneak in even just a few pages in the fresh air here and there. There’s something so grounding about reading outside.

What are your spring reading plans? Do you like to read seasonally? I’d love to know.

Take care xx


7 responses to “Reading plans for spring”

  1. I always start my outside reading when it’s still just a little bit too cold to do so, but my mental health benefits and my skin craves sun. I think I’ll check out that poetry collection, as it sounds perfect for the mood. Otherwise I’m going through an eclectic selection of backlog books on my shelves for the next month or two.

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    1. Sounds like some great reading plans — hope you enjoy!


  2. I read seasonally around fall and winter but for some reason I never do in spring. But I do love to read outside this time of year.

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    1. Absolutely! It’s so nice reading outside in the springtime.

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  3. I’m definitely a seasonal reader but spring is one of those seasons where my reading is in an ‘anything goes’ place. I tend to save genre fiction for autumn and winter and contemporary fiction for summer, but spring can be anything that I’m in the mood for 🙂

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    1. I feel that! While I do tend to read “nature” books in the spring, my reading does have a more eclectic feel at this time of year. Happy reading!


  4. […] Reading plans for spring by Holly @ Nut Free Nerd (lovely imagery plus just good reading ideas 😊) […]

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