Monthly Wrap-Up

DECEMBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

The last month of the year has come to an end, meaning it's time for another monthly wrap-up! All in all, December was a pretty great end to a tumultuous and rocky year. Not only did I read several fantastic books, but I had a blast celebrating the holiday season with a plethora of Christmas… Continue reading DECEMBER 2016 | Wrap-Up


Looking Back at 2016

What a year 2016 has been. I officially declared my English major and became my advisor's research assistant. I completed my freshman year of college and embarked on my sophomore year. I spent a rainy day in New York City with friends and stood outside of The Room Where It Happens. I said goodbye to… Continue reading Looking Back at 2016


2016: How Did I Do?

Today I'm taking a look back on the 2016 resolutions I made last January to see what progress I made on these goals. I honestly haven't looked at these resolutions since I first made them, so this will be as much of a surprise for you as it will be for me! 1. Read at… Continue reading 2016: How Did I Do?

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books of 2016

Happy Tuesday!! Can you believe that 2016 has almost come to a close? It feels like it was New Year's Day just yesterday, yet here we are as 2017 fast approaches. I've been fortunate to have read a plethora of fantastic books this past year, so narrowing down a list of my Top Ten Best Books… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books of 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: New Authors I Read in 2016

Happy Tuesday! Now that December is here, it's that time again when we start reflecting on the past year and all of the wonderful books we read. This week we're focusing on the writers of those wonderful books by sharing the Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2016. Thanks to all of the assigned reading that I… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: New Authors I Read in 2016

Monthly Wrap-Up

OCTOBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

The spookiest month of the year has come to a close, and with it has come the beginning of one of my favorite months: NOVEMBER! Enough about the present, though-- today I'll be sharing a bit about what I was up to in October. In October I read a total of 4 books: The Imagined… Continue reading OCTOBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up

SEPTEMBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

September is over, which basically means one thing: Halloween season has officially arrived!! But before we can move on to October, we have to wrap up September. Here's what I was up to this past month: In September I read a total of 2 books: Children of Facundo by Ariel de la Fuente Nada by Carmen Laforet Both… Continue reading SEPTEMBER 2016 | Wrap-Up

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall 2016 TBR

Happy Tuesday!! My favorite season has finally arrived: autumn. I love everything about this transitional season, from the crisp chill in the air to the golden hues of the foliage. In the spirit of the pumpkin-spiced season, the theme of this week's Top Ten Tuesday is the Top Ten Books on My Fall 2016 TBR… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Fall 2016 TBR

Monthly Wrap-Up

AUGUST 2016 | Wrap-Up

I've always considered August to be one of my favorite months. Not only does it bring a new school year and a promise of the coming autumn, but it also allows you to enjoy the last few weeks of summer without baking in July's toasty heat. This August was no exception, from both a reading… Continue reading AUGUST 2016 | Wrap-Up


How Did I Do? | Bookish Goals for Summer 2016

  It's that bittersweet time of August once again: the end of summer. This weekend I move into my college dorm room to begin my sophomore year at Wheaton College (MA), and I couldn't be more excited. However, that also means that I have to say goodbye to an incredible summer filled with friends, family,… Continue reading How Did I Do? | Bookish Goals for Summer 2016