QUOTE: Agatha Christie

"One of the saddest things in life, is the things one remembers."  ~ Agatha Christie I think we all feel a bit nostalgic during the holiday season. It's nice to know that Agatha Christie has our back. What quotes have you discovered recently? Let me know in the comments section below! Yours, HOLLY


Author: Agatha Christie Number of Pages: 400 Publisher: Harper Collins Release Date: 1922 "After WW1, childhood pals Tommy Beresford and "Tuppence" Prudence Cowley, lack money and prospects, become adventurers for the British Government. Rich American Julius P. Hersheimmer, powerful Mr Whittington, and an evil mastermind's conspiracy all seek Jane Finn, given papers vital to peace by an agent at … Continue reading Book Review: THE SECRET ADVERSARY


Author: Stephen Cole Number of Pages: 305 Publisher: BBC Books Release Date: 2002 "Deep in the heart of a hollowed-out moon the First Doctor finds a chilling secret: ten alien corpses, frozen in time at the moment of their death. They are the empire's most wanted terrorists, and their discovery could end a war devastating the galaxy. But is … Continue reading Book Review: TEN LITTLE ALIENS