TALKING TO STRANGERS by Malcolm Gladwell: An obvious discovery?

Dear Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell: I have some mixed feelings about you. It's taken me a while to work them out, but I think I'll finally be able to articulate them. Your general premise is so, so interesting. Your tagline--What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know--speaks for itself. What sorts … Continue reading TALKING TO STRANGERS by Malcolm Gladwell: An obvious discovery?

BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell | Review

“We live in a world that assumes that the quality of a decision is directly related to the time and effort that went into making it...We believe that we are always better off gathering as much information as possible an depending as much time as possible in deliberation. We really only trust conscious decision making. … Continue reading BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell | Review

DECEMBER 2017 | Wrap-Up

December is... done?! Where did this month (and YEAR) go?!?! Decembers always tend to be whirlwinds of celebrations, seeing friends and family, and frantically trying to wrap everything up before the new year comes around once again. In case you're curious, here's what I was up to in December: In December I read a total … Continue reading DECEMBER 2017 | Wrap-Up