Feminist Fridays

Feminist Fridays: Michelle Obama on the Importance of Friendships

Feminist Fridays are back! I’ve missed this feature; writing these posts is like a little breath of fresh air each week, giving myself space to vent about some problematic sexist $#!t or highlight amazing people who are empowering, inspirational, and strive for equality. I’d like to kick this feature off after an absence of many… Continue reading Feminist Fridays: Michelle Obama on the Importance of Friendships


BECOMING by Michelle Obama | Review

Becoming by Michelle Obama has gotten so much buzz in the past few months that I knew I had to put it on my summer TBR. I also can’t resist a good memoir, especially one written by such a talented, strong, high-profile professional woman. I’ve got a soft spot for presidential biographies, but it occurred to… Continue reading BECOMING by Michelle Obama | Review


Summer 2019 TBR List

It's that exciting time of year again: Time for a summer to-read list! Thanks to my current in-between state of having just graduated undergrad but not yet started law school, I have an entire Glorious Summer of Reading for Fun ahead of me, which I haven't had in years. The past few summers were filled with prep… Continue reading Summer 2019 TBR List